The Aguda he Association for LGBTQ Equality Annual Report 2023

Beit el-Meem A Safe Space for Arab LGBTQ

and public activities. This initiative serves as a pilot for groups in other cities, emphasizing creating a “safe space” and exploring diverse topics. The organization experienced a significant increase in engagement on the hotline and psychosocial assistance.

Psychosocial Clinic- Number of Patients

Hotline - Total Calls

In a transformative year, Beit el-Meem navigated both surges

TV program "From the Other Side" with Jalal Ayoub



in vibrant activities and profound challenges, embodying a narrative of c o u r a g e , solidarity, and unwavering



advice, distributed food stamps and baskets, initiated a movie screening group, and offered a first aid course for mental health recovery. Despite personal and organizational challenges in 2023, including judicial reform and the intersection of Arab and LGBTQ identities, Beit el-Meem prioritized supporting marginalized populations. Community recovery activities included mindfulness sessions, financial assistance through food stamps and baskets, and group therapy. While 2023 presented significant challenges, it showcased the strength of the community. Beit el-Meem has substantially grown within the Arab LGBTQ community, positioning itself as a robust and influential organization for the future.



2022 2023



Beit el-Meem confronted two challenging events in the past year: Sarit Ahmed’s Murder: During the “Speaking from the Heart - Pride in the Living Room” event, news of Sarit Ahmed’s murder prompted immediate action. Beit el-Meem opened an emergency helpline, established three support groups in Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem, and actively participated in media discussions and interviews. Israel-Hamas War: Engaging on multiple fronts, Beit el-Meem provided mental health

commitment to fostering pride within the Arab LGBTQ community. Amidst highs and lows, the organization emerged as a beacon of support, a testament to the strength within each member

Orwa Adam Director of Beit el-Meem

of this remarkable community. Over the past year, Beit el-Meem experienced a significant uptick in activity, hosting two record-setting events with 100 participants each and establishing two leadership groups—the northern group in Haifa and the central group in Tel Aviv. Comprising 25 individuals each, these groups aim to foster pride within the Arab LGBTQ community through monthly meetings involving collaborative learning, activism, volunteering,

Podcast "One a Day": Being LGBTQ in Arab Society

"We expect the Arab MKs to recognize us. We're fed up being on the margins of society." From an article on Walla News


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