The Aguda he Association for LGBTQ Equality Annual Report 2023

Promoting Development within the Asylum-Seekers & Refugees Department

This year has been pivotal for our LGBTQ asylum seekers and refugees department as we

The impact of war is acutely felt by LGBTQ refugees, rendering them even more vulnerable. Throughout the year, we have assisted applicants who faced unjust deportations, job losses, and discrimination from authorities. Their struggles might go unnoticed without a volunteer to turn to or someone to listen and advocate on their behalf. Despite adversity, we believe in affording them the support they deserve based on their inherent worth. Looking ahead, we remain optimistic that the current challenges will subside, allowing us to continue supporting LGBTQ asylum seekers and refugees on their journey toward a safer and more inclusive future. In the coming year, we aim to enhance further the experiences of those seeking refuge and escaping persecution based on their sexual orientation. Our vision extends beyond immediate assistance; we aspire to be staunch advocates for the rights of LGBTQ asylum seekers and refugees to essential services such as welfare, health, and a fair asylum procedure. This commitment aligns with the continual growth of our department, both in terms of those receiving services and those contributing to them, fostering a sense of community where mutual support thrives.

successfully tripled the number of applicants receiving crucial aid. Throughout the year, our focus has been on fortifying and

expanding the department. We achieved this by doubling our volunteer force and implementing specialized training groups to ensure a top-notch response for as many LGBTQ asylum-seekers

Most of the applicants are Palestinians from the West Bank

Titi Katan Asylum Seekers and Refugees Department Manager

Age- 17-30

90% Gay Men 10% Cis Women & Trans

and refugees as possible. Upon welcoming new volunteers, we ask, "Who do you turn to when facing adversity?" We aim to be that reliable support system for each LGBTQ individual seeking asylum, particularly those grappling with estranged families and arriving in a foreign country without language skills or a support network. Our primary objective is to offer a welcoming haven and, secondly, to amplify their voices.

Most of them live in Tel Aviv and Haifa

Work in construction and restaurant-related occupations


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