The Aguda he Association for LGBTQ Equality Annual Report 2023

The campaign to engage the LGBTQ community in the protest against the judicial overhaul aimed at achieving two primary objectives: mobilizing community members for active participation in demonstrations and fostering a connection between the broader liberal public and the LGBTQ struggle for equality, aligning them with the protest’s overarching goals. The campaign featured numerous posts, graphics, statistics, and videos designed to inspire community members to join the cause and take part in the the ongoing fight. “This is a war for our lives and when our lives are threatened - we will fight back” The Aguda’s Chairwoman Hila Peer judicial_ overhaul

Our social media reservists’ campaign was launched right at the onset of the war. Amidst the challenging reality of war, community members enlisted across various fronts discovered a supportive entity in the Aguda. Acting as a comforting presence from home, the Aguda provided real-time responses to those involved in the war effort. The military personnel emerged as prominent representatives of the LGBTQ community as they actively engaged in security, medical, and emergency efforts. This diverse spectrum of the LGBTQ community was a source of inspiration for the public back home. The campaign evolved to include the dispatch of care packages to our reservists and a WhatsApp group to address field related issues during combat. israel_ hamas_war

Amit Reiss Head of New-Media

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