The Aguda he Association for LGBTQ Equality Annual Report 2023

Over the past year, the LGBTQ community in Israel, much like the entire society, has faced significant challenges. In recent months, we have witnessed the community's resilience and commitment as thousands of its members actively participate on the frontlines, contributing to both the home front and the battlefields. Unfortunately, we have mourned the loss of community members, some of whom lived their lives in the closet until their untimely deaths. Amidst the pain and uncertainty about the country's future, our security, and our lives moving forward, the LGBTQ community has demonstrated remarkable dedication through volunteering efforts, the establishment of shelters, support for the families of the fallen, and solidarity with families of the hostages. Our ability to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances and address emerging needs is our strength as an organization and a community. Throughout the recent challenges, we have expanded our assistance initiatives, provided support to bereaved families, extended hours of treatment for war victims, established activity and aid centers for evacuees, sent care packages to reservists in the field and achieved a historic amendment to the Bereaved Families Law in memory of Captain Sagi Golan. This amendment marks a significant stride towards equality for the LGBTQ community, a journey we are committed to until we achieve equality in all aspects of life.

The past year has been a pivotal one in the history of the State of Israel, with the LGBTQ community playing a substantial role. Our struggle for democracy and the right to live securely as LGBTQ individuals and Israelis is intertwined. It has become evident, especially this year, that our community is resilient, unified, and stands together. In 2023, the Aguda - The Association for LGBTQ Equality in Israel - achieved record breaking success. We organized a large demonstration during the Knesset's inauguration, marking the first major resistance against the new government's judicial overhaul and draconian measures. We mobilized nationwide against LGBTQ phobia, establishing a committee in the Knesset and increasing support for victims of discrimination and hatred based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Our collective strength as a community has proven capable of shaping a new reality in our country, even during the most challenging times. The LGBTQ community will remain an integral part of the mosaic of Israeli society, contributing, assisting, and striving to make our nation a safe space for everyone. Our demand for equality is fundamental, and we will persistently advocate for equal rights until our goals are achieved. We are here, and we are in this together.

CEO’s Statement

Ran Shalhavi CEO of The Aguda


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