The Aguda he Association for LGBTQ Equality Annual Report 2023

We Are in This Together: One Community, One Force

Within the rich mosaic forming the LGBTQ+ community in Israel, The Aguda stands as a solid force of unity and progress. Pioneers among community organizations, The Aguda actively works to lead the public struggle for full equality of rights for LGBTQ+ members. The organization not only accompanies and nurtures local LGBTQ+ communities across the country but also provides support to LGBTQ+ individuals nationwide. Collaborating with numerous community organizations, The Aguda aims to strengthen each community member, making them an inseparable and equal part of Israeli society. Our commitment goes beyond supporting existing initiatives; we actively represent the LGBTQ+ community on national and international platforms. Breaking barriers and building bridges, we navigate towards a future where equality is not just a dream but a shared reality for all. This annual summary encapsulates the ethos “We are in this together” , portraying the remarkable journey we undertook in 2023.


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