The Haruv Children's Campus - קמפוס חרוב לילדים

The organizations operating on campus


The Israel National Council for the Child has been active for the past three decades in protecting the children of Israel and promoting their safety, well- being and their rights. The uniqueness of the Council is in its integration of assistance to individuals in distress with activism towards policy change. Through its modus operandi, the Council successfully achieves results that impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of Israeli children and, furthermore, is responsible, via the Center for the Child and the Law, for over ninety new laws that have become part of the legislation. The Council funds the Ombudsman for Children and Youth and handles nearly 8,000 grievances annually. The Center also runs the Child Victim Assistance Program, through which the Center escorts children who are victims of violence and sexual offences through the legal and rehabilitative procedures. In addition, the Council promotes the “MeHalev” initiative, towards the early detection and prevention of child abuse, as well as the “It’s In Your Hands” initiative for prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Furthermore, the Council is involved in systematically gathering data and publishing its annual statistical report, ‘Children in Israel’, a mandatory tool for formulating policies and action plans to improve the condition of children in all aspects of life.

Executive Director: Vered Windman, Adv Tel: 02-6780606 | Fax: 02-6790606 Email:

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