The Haruv Children's Campus - קמפוס חרוב לילדים

Latet-Pe – Dare to Share: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs The non-profit organization, Latet Pe, was founded in 2015 to significantly reduce child sexual abuse in schools and communities, and to promote a value-based understanding of healthy and safe sexuality among youth. Latet Pe seeks to give every child a voice, enabling children to resist and dare to share. We believe that children who have a positive body image, have trustworthy communication channels, and can identify inappropriate and confusing situations, will become empowered children. Together with responsible adults, these children will create a community in which potential offenders – who depend on secrecy and concealment – are afraid to operate. Our programs include lectures, workshops and musical theatre performances. We focus on both children and their surrounding adults, providing parents and teachers with relatable and educational knowledge, practical tools and skills in healthy sexuality, sexual abuse prevention and internet safety for children. The programs help adults create a respectful, simple and direct, yet positive language for discourse on the sensitive issues of child sexual abuse and safe and healthy sexuality, in accordance with the values of each community. Working with all parts of the puzzle – parents, educational staff, children and youth – we create a holistic system strongly resistant to the phenomenon of child sexual abuse. With a culturally sensitive staff of over 80 professional counselors from diverse backgrounds, we have reached to date over 300,000 parents, teachers and students through more than 600 schools, youth movements and communities nationwide. The organization communicates with over 100,000 children, adolescents, parents and education staffs annually.

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