The Haruv Children's Campus - קמפוס חרוב לילדים

The Toni Eliashar – SHEKEL Therapeutic Center SHEKEL is the leading non-profit organization in Israel integrating individuals with disabilities into the community. SHEKEL establishes and operates a range of services and support networks that include a Community Living Program, rehabilitative and supported employment programs, projects in the special-education system, culture and leisure time programs, accessibility promotion, psychological-emotional treatment and more. The Toni Eliashar SHEKEL Therapeutic Center operating on the Haruv Campus fully recognizes the equal right and need of people with disabilities to build significant and intimate relationships, and therefore offers social, sexual and couples guidance and therapy. We also treat children and adults who have suffered physical or sexual violence or exhibited age inappropriate or abusive sexual behavior. Interventions include assessing and identifying therapeutic needs, creating treatment programs tailored to the unique characteristics of people with disabilities and their families, and guiding parents and staff. The center assists people with disabilities of all kinds, from all sectors of the population, their family members, and professionals in the field. It employs a wide range of therapeutic tools to suit all levels of functioning: verbal discussion, emotion regulation, play therapy, art therapy, and systemic interventions. The center will also provide training and assistance to the teams dealing with integration of individuals into employment, housing, and leisure activities. The multidisciplinary staff specializes in social sexuality education and in treating people with disabilities as well as victims of violence and trauma.

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