The Haruv Children's Campus - קמפוס חרוב לילדים

מרכזי חירום

The Schusterman Emergency Center for Children and Families מרכז חירום שוסטרמן לילדים ומשפחותיהם

The Schusterman Emergency Center for Children and Families was established in 1992 and is the first emergency center founded in Israel. The Center addresses the needs of vulnerable and at-risk children up to the age of 14, victims of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse and/or chronic severe neglect. Treatment focuses on the needs of the child and their family as a whole. It aims to help both child and parents to cope with the trauma and create a functional change in the family, in an effort to ensure the child’s continued placement with their family. The Center operates two units. The Internal Unit accepts children placed by court order and provides full dormitory accommodations. It serves as a temporary transitional residence for children, who even attend the Center’s school. The Therapeutic-Consultation Unit operates as a clinic. It provides treatment for children and parents in cases that abuse and/or neglect were identified, yet the decision was made to allow the child to stay at home. The Center, together with the Ministry of Welfare and the Jerusalem Municipality, is a joint municipal and regional service operated by the non profit organization Bayit L’Kol Yeled B’Yisrael (A Home for Every Child in Israel). The Center has a multidisciplinary staff including social workers, psychologists, a psychiatrist, special-education teachers, educational therapeutic counselors, National Service members, and volunteers. The Schusterman Emergency Center for Children and Families

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