The Haruv Children's Campus - קמפוס חרוב לילדים

developmental gaps, and major functioning difficulties. Consequently, the clinic’s evaluation and treatment processes combine two perspectives: trauma-focused treatment and a developmental approach. Acknowledging the importance of a systemic approach for these cases, the clinic invests resources in collaborative initiatives and in maintaining open channels of communication with external treatment agencies. At present, the services provided by the Mental Health Clinic at the Haruv Children’s Campus on Mount Scopus, Jerusalem include joint evaluations by the clinic’s staff, consultation and evaluation by a psychiatrist and a neurologist, as well as evaluation and treatment in cases requiring speech and language therapy and occupational therapy. Still, we feel the need to add other disciplines. The clinic is acting to broaden its staff and activities according to the needs that arise on-site and in research. In consequence of the above, and as part of our collaboration with the School of Nutritional Sciences at the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Hebrew University in Rehovot, another Clinic was opened in Rehovot in September 2022. The staff of the new clinic includes clinical dietitians and other professionals. The Clinic’s Tasks: – Providing services to maltreated children and their families – Developing a multi-disciplinary model for treating maltreated and neglected children – Developing sub-specializations for treating maltreated children in each discipline included in the clinic – Disseminating the knowledge accumulated in the clinic and training professionals to enter the field In addition to the therapeutic services it provides, the clinic serves as a platform for developing innovative, trauma-focused treatment models; an activity accompanied by research. Its knowledge dissemination processes involve the staff’s active participation in the Haruv Institute’s training programs, and student integration in the clinic’s work as part of their practical training. The students learn first-hand about the child abuse and neglect phenomenon and about the existing treatments; they also meet students from other disciplines working with this population and acquire tools for population-tailored care.

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