The Haruv Children's Campus - קמפוס חרוב לילדים

Opening Remarks

Dear Friends, The Haruv Institute was founded in 2007 for children who have suffered maltreatment. Aiming to improve the services our society offers the child victims of abuse and neglect, it continually educates professional workers in this field, breaking new ground, and encouraging innovation and creativity. The abuse and neglect of children occurs in all sectors of society. We know today that one out of every five children is a victim. We know this has far-reaching destructive consequences on the wellbeing of those children today and on their chances to grow and develop normally into healthy adults in the future. The numerous services addressing this phenomenon nowadays are scattered, uncoordinated and often insensitive to the children’s needs. Services are offered in venues that do not respect the child and are widely unsuitable for treating children and families. This field’s professional population suffers a burdening workload and a poor quality of working life involving both a sense of isolation and secondary trauma. But a call for change has been heard. Many professionals have dreamed of breaking the isolation and working cooperatively under one roof to provide a range of services to abused and neglected children – thus creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. The Haruv Children’s Campus realizes these dreams. The Campus facilitates an innovative cooperation of services offered to maltreated children and provides a holistic response to their various needs. The Campus enables meetings, discussions, and mutual consultation among the different professional sectors and, most importantly, lets professionals know they are not alone. It links the very best services available to abused and neglected children with both the Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Israel’s leading university and one of the finest in the world –

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