ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


ARRIVE Arrive is the leading provider of solutions for the last-mile ofmobility. Our technology helps companies like Ticketmaster, Honda, and GasBuddy embed friction-free parking and other mobility-related services into their own products. The Arrive platformalsopowers our two award-winning consumer apps, ParkWhiz/BestParking. PARKING | ROUND B | AUTOFLEET Autofleet provides a Vehicle as a Service platformenabling fleets tooptimize existing operations and launch newon-demand transportation and logistics services from a single shared pool of vehicles.With thousands of vehicles under management in more than ten countries, Autofleet powers the largest fleets in the world. FLEET MANAGEMENT | ROUND A | AXILION SMART MOBILITY Axilion Smart Mobility enables cities around the globe to reclaim their traffic- congested streets by harnessing advanced Video AI technology from the edge to Azure cloud.We transformtraffic signals into a dynamic and adaptive traffic network and reduce 100K’s of carbon footprint each year using Digital Twin SaaS services.


BAMBI DYNAMIC BIP (Bambi Insurance Platform) provides Innovative, digital, and personalized insurance products with end-to-end white-label solutions for the fast-evolving mobility landscape.We believe that the future of mobility depends on ecosystems and modularity and built our platform from the bottom using microservices and APIs, leveraging connectivity and data. INSURTECH | ROUND A |


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