With marquee automotive customers such as Alpine, DENSO, Aptiv, FCA, Ficosa, Volvo and others, Karamba Security acceleratesOEMs’ and Tier 1’s compliance with the UNECE WP29 automotive cybersecurity standard. Karamba’s complete portfolio of cybersecurity solutions address the standard requirements and makes the path to compliance smoother, while reducing security related costs. Uniquely, Karamba’s products and services reduce R&Defforts towards security, without changing existing development processes and/or supply chainmodel. Karamba’s security solutions can be applied to legacy software, OS or ECUhardware. Such approach eliminates security dedicated hardware needs and keeps ECU and type approval on time, whilemeeting theWP.29 certification requirements. Karamba’s products and services enableOEMs and Tier 1s to protect the ECUs throughout their lifecycle.With successful projects for ADAS/L3, TCU, IVI, OBC, V2X, Powertrain andGateways, 13 out of the boxOSs and 7 chip architectures, including Renesas and Infineon, Karamba security solutions can be safely applied to any ECU that needs cybersecurity certification. The lifecycle solutions portfolio include: • Cybersecurity training for R&Dandproduct planning– raise the level of cybersecurity understanding across the organization and understand the requirements of WP .29 and ISO21434 • Threat Analysis&RiskAssessment (TARA)- Secureddesign, as required by ISO21434, is achievedwith Karamba’s TARA service that examines your ECU software specifications, leveraging the standard templates and expert security researchers perspective to achieve an in-depth analysis of the ECU security design. It identifies cyber threat scenarios and recommends optimal mitigations to avoid them in the product specifications. • VCode: Security Posture Validation for ECU software image- Karamba VCode helps to identify, prioritize, and mitigate security gaps in the ECU software image. VCode works automatically and provide comprehensive report of your software BOM and security issues, fromknown vulnerabilities to compilation errors by 3rd party library

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