Upstream Security Upstreamunlocks the value of mobility data and provides automotive stakeholders with unparalleled data-driven actionable insights for multiple applications including cybersecurity, threat intelligence, contextual analytics, predictive maintenance, telematics-based insurance, and more. CYBER SECURITY | ROUND B | Valens Valens is setting the standard for ultra-high-speed in-vehicleconnectivity; our technology transmits unprecedented bandwidth over long-reach, low-cost infrastructure, whilemaintaining error free links and enhanced EMC performance. CONNECTIVITY | ESTABLISHED | Vayyar Imaging Vayyar’sdevelops in-cabinandADAS sensors, usingautomotive-grade4D imaging radar technology. Theyprovide lifesavingdetection inandaround the vehicle, while simultaneously tracking multiple targets and objects. PASSENGER SAFETY | ROUND D | VComm - For Safer & Smarter Mobility Safety enhancement for V2X equipped vehicles by leveraging AI and big data. Focus on the domain of micro-mobility Safety and Riders Behavior Data, Using SWAlgorithmand eScooter to Traffic Lights Direct Communication, in The Urban Intersection. ADAS | PRE - SEED |

Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021


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