Vdoo Vdoo enables OEMs and suppliers to uncover and manage the security exposures and risk of automotive components. PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | PRE - SEED | Vi INNOVATIONS Pvt. Automotive tech start-upbased inKerala, India, with a vision to transform normal cars into smart connected cars at affordable cost. One more thing, the innovation is an assistive tech for locomotor disabled persons, empowering them. PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | PRE - SEED | Waldytech WALDYTECH’s high end solutions for land /autonomous / aviation and dronemarkets comprise of high accuracy GNSS/INS products and services from NovAtel and other vendors. We offer ground truth and OEM products for various accuracies and applications. LOCALIZATION | ESTABLISHED | WeeeDrive WeeeDrive is an AI driving coach. WeeeDrive customizes defensive driving training to each driver based on her or his driving skills. ADAS | PRE – SEED |

44 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021

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