Autofleet Autofleet provides a Vehicle as a Service platform, enabling the largest fleets in the world to optimize existing operations and launch new on-demand transportation and logistics services froma single shared pool of vehicles. FLEET MANAGEMENT | ROUND A | Bambi Dynamic Insurtech at the intersection of insurance andmobility, offering an on- demand, data driven insurance platform for mobility. Our technology provides themobility and insurance ecosystemwith friendly and intuitive user experience for all processes. INSURTECH | ROUND A | BambooBike Technologies Bamboobike focusesoncreatingelectricmicromobility. All BambooBike’s products, Electric bicycles, scooters, rickshaws that are: Made from 100% natural based bamboo fibre composites & have high efficiency electric system. MICROMOBILITY | PRE-SEED | BLITZ MOTORS BLITZ has developed cutting-edge, clean energy and cost-efficient transport solution for the last mile industry. All BLITZ scooters are designed at its R&D center in Tel Aviv, where innovative battery technology and robust design are combined to create the ultimate

48 Mobility Services EcoMotion Booklet 2021

emission free electric scooter. FLEET MANAGEMENT | ROUND A |

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