Click-Ins Click-ins Visual Intelligence AI verifies data and automates processes for the automotive and insurance industries. Our patent-pending automation and digital technology is trusted by global companies - and their customers - around the world. INSURTECH | SEED | co-moving carpool Co-moving offers the innovative Count-Me-In platform: a location- based proximity solution, mobile app, and operator’s dashboard - all developed and tested. Co-moving is interested in engaging with potential carpool facilitators and operators. SHAREDMOBILITY | SEED Cylus Cylus the global leader in rail cybersecurity address the full spectrumof cybersecurity needs of rail signalling and rolling stock systems, ensuring safety, service availability and facilitating compliance, for mainline and urban railway companies. TRAINS | ROUND A | Dusmit Dustmit Ltd has developed a unique technology for air purification. Protected by 7 patents. *Purifies air continuously and in real-time: The only technologywhich proved to destroy 100%of any Viruses, Bacteria, molds and allergens in a single pass. TRAINS | SEED |

50 Mobility Services EcoMotion Booklet 2021

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