Mycelium Mycelium is Saas solution dedicated to empowers theMobility Service Operators of today, with unique technology approach our Cross vertical Platform ensures the success of digital transformation significantly reducing Opex and Time to market. SHAREDMOBILITY | ROUND A | Navmatic Navmatic’s solution enable Micromobility operators and cities to understand rider safety, and riding/parking in unauthorized areas. MICROMOBILITY | SEED | Nemodata Nemo works with Fortune 500 companies, OEMs, and telematics providers to enable the world’s fleets to run continuously without breakdowns. Using Nemo’s AI agent, fleets eliminate breakdowns, reduce costs & increase uptime with no additional hardware. MAINTENANCE | SEED | Neura Neura’s Behavior Intelligence Platform empowers organizations to drive strategic, data-driven decisions by transforming vast amounts of anonymized data and activity signals into actionable, impactful and monetizable insights. JOURNEY EXPERIENCE | ROUND C |

Mobility Services EcoMotion Booklet 2021


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