NoTraffic NoTraffic transforms traffic signal into smart city infrastructure capable of understanding the complete traffic picture and responding in real time to all road users, solving today’s traffic challengeswhile preparing

roads for the connected era. TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT | SEED |

Onsight OnSight Specializes in Laser Scanning and 3D Modeling and brings disruptive and innovative technology for Operation andMaintenance

of infrastructure projects. MAINTENANCE | PRE - SEED |

58 Mobility Services EcoMotion Booklet 2021

Operatti Operatti is an early stage startup, aiming to revolutionize the global Public Transportationmarket.We analyze real-time demand to customize each ride with the most efficient vehicle, optimizing capacity for efficient, reliable, and sustainable public transportation services for all passengers. SHAREDMOBILITY | PRE - SEED | Otorize The 1st proven solution for detecting impairment in seconds, accident prevention in theworkplace or DUI. NOT intrusive, NObodily fluids, NO chemicals, NOHW, effective on any substance, be it alcohol, cannabis, drugs, and more. 100% digital. ROAD SAFETY | SEED |

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