Parkingstream TheOnly Smart City Platformthat can Automate Street Parking Control & Enforcement.We help Citiesmaximize their Revenueswhileminimizing their costs. PARKING | PRE – SEED | PARKNAV PARKNAV revolutionizes real-time on-street parking with a highly accurate and scalable solution. Using BIG DATA and AI. Parknav is available in over 1000+ cities across North America & Europe and has over 5.5 billion recorded parking events! PARKING | SEED |

Mobility Services EcoMotion Booklet 2021

Placense Placensemakes sense of places by analyzing the people that visit them. Based on anonymizedmobile location data, we tell youwhere people


come from and go to at any time. TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT | SEED |

PointMe PointMe enables touch-less access andmonitoring using high accuracy location service (of less than a 50cm). It operates in-door as well as out-door and based on a standard wireless BLE transmission. PARKING | PRE - SEED |

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