Eviatar Tron Executive Director, EcoMotion Israel Innovation Institute

Change isMotion. The last year has shownus that changes can come abruptly, but also, how adaptive we humans are to change. This thought is comforting, and also inspiring. What are the changes waiting around the corner, and how quickly will we adapt to them? As the world starts seeing the end of the pandemic, it is again time for changes. Many of us spent 2020 confined toour homes. Commutedwindled, air traffic halted, our meetings went online and deliveries rocketed. We now start thinking about the world to come: What does post- pandemicmobilitymean?Awareness is nowraised toclimatechange, to the delicacy of global supply chain (as demonstrated by Ever Given), to inequality between parts of the world (as manifested by vaccination rate in different countries) How will all that effect innovation in mobility? EcoMotion will be entering its tenth year, and changes happen in EcoMotion as well: I am stepping in to replace Orlie, after her four years of promoting EcoMotion toever growingheights. I amnot new toEcoMotion, having served in its advisory fromits conceptionback at 2012. Fromthat backseat I experienceda rideof a lifetime: froman unconference with a few enthusiastics and open engine hoods to a thriving global community, withover 600 startups, 13,000members and a network effect boosting smart mobility innovation. EcoMotion will continue to move forward, creating impact and supporting our inspiring innovators and community members. We meet virtually this year, but as the Jewish proverb for Pessach goes: “Next year in Jerusalem”. We will meet face to face in EcoMotion’s 10th anniversary, wewill shake hands, and hug, andmove theworld to a better place.

7 Opening Notes EcoMotion Booklet 2021

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