99 Minutos At 99Minutos.comwe’re daring to accomplish something big: to reinvent last mile logistics services across Latin America, ensuring the best customer experience in less than 99 minutes. SHIPPING | ROUND B | Amphorica AI by Casense Technologies Amphorica AI - Data-centric predictive Machine-Learning Artificial Intelligence algorithmtechnologies to optimize, improve and automate operational logistics/shipping/delivery processes, save costs and predictively reduce logistics risk or failure. LOGISTICS | SEED | AutoLeadStar AutoLeadStar was founded with a singular focus: Create a technology that upends digital marketing in the automotive industry. It is replacing today’s tech-thin, faux digital with a platform that mimics the way

Supply Chain EcoMotion Booklet 2021


dealers sell, online and at scale. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE | ROUND B |

Brain of Materials Brain of Materials makes the world’s material information accessible in one place. Our digital platformgives access to excitingmaterials and boosts the product portfolio of every material manufacturer with 3D

scans and standardized data. PRODUCTION 4.0 | PRE-SEED

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