Bringoz Bringoz has developed anend-to-end intelligent delivery anddistribution management solution. Our holistic systemhas beendeployedwithmajor companies globally across automotive, pharma, CPG, retail andmore. LOGISTICS | ROUND B | CASTOR CASTOR is a software company enabling manufacturers to increase profitability using 3D printing. It analyzes thousands of parts at once, technically and economically, and quickly identifies the right parts for 3D printing that can save costs and time. PRODUCTION 4.0 | ROUND A | Cydome Security Cydome Security develops a disruptive solution detecting and safeguarding themaritime IoT-ecosystemsupportedby its encrypteddata isolation core technology,monitoring and controlling the communication system, sensors and devices on board MARITIME | SEED | Deeyook Deeyook seeks to redefine location technology through its patented wireless-based firmware solution. Our award-winning sensor is self- learning, ubiquitous, ultra-precise (~10 cm), passive, and low-power, allowing absolute indoor and outdoor position determination. LOGISTICS | SEED |

88 Supply Chain EcoMotion Booklet 2021

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