DelivApp DelivApp is an on-demand food ordering and delivery management platform for restaurants and deliverymarketplaces.With our B2B Saas solution, we have already powered more than 3M orders from more than 500 restaurants in Israel and abroad. SHIPPING | SEED | DockTech DockTechbuildsDigital TwinsofWaterways for ports and rivers tooptimize vessel’s cargo, enhance safety and reduce seabed maintenance costs. PORT OPTIMIZATION | SEED | EZMEMS EZMEMS digitizes powertrain systems, by integrating its edge multi- sensing disruptive technology, to enable high performance, cost- effective edge analytics and sensor fusion, replacing existing bulky and expensive sensing approaches. ADVANCEDMATERIALS | SEED | Feelit Technologies Feelit™develops and provides unique sensing solutions enabling real- time insights, empowering manufacturers to transform the way they manage their critical assets. Feelit™enables users to improve uptime and safety, reducing asset cost of ownership. PRODUCTION 4.0 | ROUND A |

Supply Chain EcoMotion Booklet 2021


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