Getruck To enable the digital transportation in filed of in-land transportation, we have developed a digital SaaS solution which facility the sheering economy models by contacting shippers with carriers. Wail the goalis Reducing empty truck trips. LOGISTICS | SEED | Jiga 3d We make it easy for companies to outsource manufacturing of parts. PRODUCTION 4.0 | SEED | Loginno Loginno turns shipping containers into smart ones, giving them eyes, ears, and a brain. Loginnoworkswith shipping companies, permanently converting entire container fleets to smart IoT-enabled fleets, using patented, best-in-class technology. MARITIME | ROUND A | MySize BoxSize is an intuitive parcel measurement app that can provide real- time logistic data on packages volumes and transportation, resulting in improved operational efficiency and reduced operating expenses. LOGISTICS | ROUND D |

90 Supply Chain EcoMotion Booklet 2021

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