Daniella Gera Margaliot Deputy Managing Director The Smart Mobility Initiative, Israel Prime Minister’s Office

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to EcoMotion 2021! With hundreds of active Israeli startups in the smartmobility sector, cutting edge technologies and innovativemobility solutions, foreign investments exceeding $25 billion, and a surge in the number of international R&Dand innovation centers, the strength of the Israeli Smart Mobility ecosystem is amazing. We at the Smart Mobility Initiative in the Prime Minister’s Office, lead the governmental efforts topromote the development and the implementationof smartmobility solutions in Israel, andareproud to say Israel is todayoneof the leading smartmobility hubs in theworld. Inorder tocontinue tobeat the forefront of technology in this sector, it is our goal to support the ecosystemwith adaptive regulation and tools, such as legislation for driverless autonomous vehicles, the promotion of smart mobility pilot programs, a dedicated research center (ISTRC) and more. As youknow, EcoMotion itself is a joint ventureof TheSmartMobility Initiative, theMinistryof Economy and the Israeli Innovation Institute. We are very proud of this community, and take great pleasure in our ongoing partnership and community activities. Iwould like to take thisopportunityand remindyouall toSave theDate: The Prime Ministers Smart Mobility Summit 2021 will take place in Tel Aviv on the 8 th -9 th of November . Inviting all of you to come back, follow up and do more business. Thank you for joining us and wishing you a fruitful event.

9 Opening Notes EcoMotion Booklet 2021

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