Autofleet Autofleet provides the only full solution for fleets andmobility operators to optimize existing operations and launch newon-demand passenger and logistics services. Using Autofleet’s platform, fleets are able to maximize utilization and revenues while reducing fleet downtime and opening up newmobility services. Learn more: FLEET MANAGEMENT | ROUND B | Bambi Dynamic Bambi Insurance SaaS provides car OEMs and mobility providers an insurance solution that enables themtoown and control their insurance offering and seamlessly partner with insurers or manage insurance through their own insurance entities. Offering Innovative, digital, and personalized insurance products. INSURTECH | ROUND A | BLITZ MOTORS BLITZ has created an easier, cleaner, and more cost-efficient way of transport for the last mile market. A full-service solution, including 24/7 customer service center, complete fleet management telematics, insurance&maintenance for fleets. Public on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, BLITZ is scaling up its business and expanding world-wide. FLEET MANAGEMENT | PUBLIC | Citycar People of the 253 world’s largest cities constantly sit in traffic. That’s whywe have come upwith an idea on how to reduce traffic. Seemingly, one of the solutions to this problem ismotorbikes. Taking comfort and the needs of people into account, we created a 4-wheel motorbike with a cabin! MICROMOBILITY | PRE - SEED |

44 Mobility Services EcoMotion Booklet 2022

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