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About EcoMotion EcoMotion is adynamic andgrowing community in theSmartMobility field comprised of over:

650 startups

13,000 community members


Founded in2012, EcoMotion is a joint ventureof the Israel Innovation Institute (NGO) alongwith theSmartMobility Initiative in theMinistry of Transport andRoadSafety, theMinistryof Economy, and the Israeli Automotive and High-Tech industries. EcoMotion Activities EcoMotion creates a platform for startups to connect with other communitymembers suchasglobal industry, entrepreneurs, academia, government officials, investors andmore in thefieldof smartmobility, in order to share knowledge, network and explore synergies.

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EcoMotion encourages innovation through a varied toolkit offering meetups, challenge competitions, investor events, adaptathons, the annual EcoMotionWeek andmore. In the past three years EcoMotion has also begun supporting the implementation of smart mobility solutions in Israel, working with municipalities, public transportation providers, infrastructurecompanies and more.





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Mobility Services SharedMobility | Traffic Management | Road Safety| Micromobility | Parking | Journey Experience | Fleet Management | Trains | Insurtech | Maintenance Payments | Infrastructure Electrification & Energy Motors | Batteries & Storage | EV | Energy Management | Charging | Alternative Energy | Micromobility EV Autonomous & Connected Cyber Security | ADAS | AV Systems & Platforms | Connectivity | Localization | Passenger Safety | Passenger Experience

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Drones & Aviation Aerial Vehicle | Components | System& Software | Services & Applications | Pads | Airports

Supply Chain AdvancedMaterials | Production 4.0 | Logistics | Shipping| Maritime | Port Optimization | Customer Experience | Autonomous Vessel & Components | Safety & Security

Join Us Adapting tocurrent needs, EcoMotion transferred its toolsandactivities to the virtual space to create a deeper and wider engagement with community:

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Eviatar Tron Executive Director, EcoMotion Israel Innovation Institute

Dear friends and community members, Back in 2013, I was going to the first EcoMotion unconference in Sdot Yam, along with some 250 mobility geeks. I managed to persuade Boaz, EcoMotion’s founder, to letmebringmy toddlerwithme. The EcoMotion main event is where my boy, then a little over a year, stopped needing his pacifier. As we celebrate EcoMotion’s 10 th anniversary, my son is going on 12. Just likeababybecoming anadolescent, the community has grown, learned to walk and talk by itself, feel its own strength, andfind its place in theworld. Frommy various perspectives as foundingmember (working for General Motors - the first OEM to open a site in Israel) as a startup founder and at my current role, I am in awe with the vigor, the power and the global presence of our community. As a parent my thoughts naturally turn to the future. What world we are building for my son, his younger siblings, and their generation? Are we directing our efforts right to ensure their world will be able to support their needs anddreams?Arewe tackling the imminent challenges ahead?

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Mobility is at the core of human activity, it is an enabler for employment, for commerce, for culture and for wellbeing. When mobility is designedandexecutedwell, it enables societyand itsmembers to thrive, andwhen itmalfunctions the effect is felt individually and socially – as can be seen in any traffic jam. The need to find newsolutions to the age-oldproblemof getting fromA toB, under theever changing constrains, the demand for sustainability, accessibility and societal advancement is what drives the innovation of our community. I look forward to seeing the impactwewill haveby implementing these brilliant ideas and effecting the way we all move.

Yuval Tron, participating in EcoMotion for the second time

Meir Arnon Chairman of the EcoMotion Week Board Member of the Israel Innovation Institute

Dear EcoMotion community, After 2 years of pandemic and virtual events, we are happy tomeet all of you again in Israel for the 10th anniversary of EcoMotion and EcoMotionWeek. This year,wewill discuss some recurring items likeelectrification, connectivity, autonomy and advanced airmobility, and elaborate on newchallenges such as: global vs. local supply chain, JIT vs. high inventory, and much more. Most importantly, we will meet each other, network, enjoy the show and together look-out to the future aiming to make the impossible possible.

Looking forward to see you at the opening event, Meir Arnon, Chairman, EcoMotion Week

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Boaz Mamo EcoMotion Founder Israel Innovation Institute Board Member

“Here’s to the crazy ones. Themisfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” —Steve Jobs, 1997 Here’s to the ones, who for the last 10 years believe and act to make Israel a central hub for mobility technologies.

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Michal Frank Director General Ministry of Transport and Road Safety

The Smart Mobility Revolution is here. With robotaxis just around the corner and drone deliveries in sight, digital ticketing, dynamic routing and electric public transportation at the palm of our hands. With hundreds of active Israeli startups in the field, 35 international R&D and innovation centers, leading academic research institutions, andmore than $25 billion raised by Israeli smart mobility companies over the past decade, more than 10%of smart mobility investments worldwide, Israel is a world leader in the field of smart mobility. Now, more than ever, it is clear to us at the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, that embracing innovative technological solutions and harnessing the vast potential within the smart mobility revolution are two vital steps necessary to achieving our goal of safer, cleaner and more efficient transportation for all . It is therefore our priority to continue to implement new technological solutions wherever possible, and support the ecosystemwith adaptive regulationand tools , such as: Cutting-edge legislation, enabling driverless autonomous vehicles on the roads in Israel in 2022; A call for proposals regarding the integration of autonomous buses in the public transport service; Test sites for cybersecurity and autonomous and connected vehicles; Access to open source data andHDmapping; Pilot programs for smartmobility; The national drone initiative; and of course “Ecomotion” - our smart mobility community with over 13,000 members; to name just a few. We are very proud of this community, and take great pleasure in our ongoing partnership and community activities. Thank you for joining us and wishing you a fruitful event.

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Dr. Ron Malka Director General, Ministry of Economy and Industry

It is agreat pleasure towelcomeall of you to theEcomotion 10thAnnual Event. Israel is well known as a hub for innovation and powerhouse for pioneering technologies. Israeli thinkers, makers and doers are changing the world of health, security, media, and in the past decade – Automotive and Transportation as well. While Israel doesn’t have a native auto manufacturing, it does excel in the automobile smart technology sector. With more than 1,400 new startups per year, 300+ multinational companies, thousands of entrepreneurs and a comprehensive business ecosystem, global automanufacturers and tech giants are lookingat Israel while creating thenext generationof smart vehicle. Leading automotivebrands are turning to Israel todevelop cuttingedge auto parts and technologies to deck out their latest products, and playing a key role in the Israeli ecosystem. We welcome all of them and proud to be part of the future mobility revolution. The Ministry of Economy and Industry supports Ecomotion, the smart transportation community in Israel, as we believe the traditional model of innovationhas beenundergoing fundamental changes.With this perception, weestablished 10“InnovationEcosystemCommunities” insignificant industrial and economic sectors. The communities support the local ecosystem and its attempts to cope with global partners in order to assimilate innovation, which will change the life of all of us. I wish all of you great success and a fruitful conference.

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0.10 of a second Actasys ADASKY Arbe Autobrains AVES Reality

iPhysicist Lidwave M-adas Newsight Imaging OpsysTech RadSee Technologies Ratha RFISee Spectralics Tactile Mobility TriEye WingDriver

Axon Pulse CorrActions Foresight Automotive Foretellix Hailo HeadsUp Innoviz Technologies

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Exhibited at the EcoMotion Week 2022 Exhibition Autonomous & Connected | Mobility Services |

Electrification & Energy

AV Systems & Platforms

B-Design3D Brightway Vision Carteav

ContiNewIt Dride

Imagry NODAR Ottopia ProteanTecs

13 Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2022

Click-Ins Cognata


ACiiST Smart Networks Aurora Labs Autotalks Cogniteam Continual

Enervibe Griiip GuardKnox Cyber Technologies Jungo Connectivity OVO Automotive Enigmatos InfiniDome Karamba Security OTTOSEC Upstream security

Cyber Security

Argus Cyber Security Arilo C2A Security Canis Automotive Labs

Cybellum Cyber 2.0

Drones & Aviation |

Supply Chain





Passenger Experience

Step-Hear VComm

CU-BX Enroute

Passenger Safety

Vayyar Imaging viisights

Caaresys (booth) Cipia (booth) Ride Vision (booth)

14 Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2022

Exhibited at the EcoMotion Week 2022 Exhibition Autonomous & Connected | Mobility Services |

Electrification & Energy

Mobility Service

Fleet Management

Otofusion ROADZ WeShareIT

2Seat Club Autofleet BLITZ MOTORS Clearly

EMMA Sensing GreenQ i4drive

Moovex Optibus

15 Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2022

Driverz by SafeMode







Bambi Dynamic

Ravin AI

Journey Experience

MoodoAIR Watergen

Anagog GoWith



Drones & Aviation |

Supply Chain


Citycar City Transformer LIPO



Technoso Control Systems WISESIGHT

Parknav Pumba

16 Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2022 Payments AD Knight Anachoic Road Safety

HopOn Mobility

Inpris Otorize Rider Dome Safer Place SaveME Smart First Responder

DriversView DYM sense EVE Technologies Eye-Net Mobile iNav

Exhibited at the EcoMotion Week 2022 Exhibition Autonomous & Connected | Mobility Services |

Electrification & Energy

Shared Mobility

GoTo Global Operatti (booth)

Count-me (booth) Electreon Finixel Technologies

Volvero WeBus

17 Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2022

Traffic Management

Exelerate Smart Traffic IDVISION Mobi - Mobility Insight NoTraffic Rekor

RoadsAI Smart Traffic Circle TALKSENSE Traffic Bid Valeran Viisights


Save A Train


Drones & Aviation |

Supply Chain

Electrification & Energy

Alternative Energy

Aeroshela K.D.



Batteries & Storage

Sparkion StoreDot ZOOZ Power

3Dbattery ADDIONICS Algolion Silib


18 Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2022 Driivz Electricare

JOYN Jupiter-EV Make My Day Powermat Technologies Weev Energy

Flower Turbines GenCell Energy Grivo

Energy Management




Exhibited at the EcoMotion Week 2022 Exhibition Autonomous & Connected | Mobility Services |

Electrification & Energy


Carrar Civan Lasers Feelit Technologies IRP Systems

SafeFields Technologies Silentium Skillreal Thermosiv

19 Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2022

Micromobility EV

Pony Delivered




EVR Motors

Drones & Aviation

Aerial Vehicle





Drones & Aviation |

Supply Chain

System & Software

CARPAS FlightOps High Lander

Pzartech Smart Sensum

Quadpole technologies

Supply Chain

Advanced Materials



20 Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2022 Jiga Logistics

Customer Experience

Starter Israel

Seakro Spinframe Zik

FOXinGREEN Nemodata OptiWays

Bringoz Convaze Deeyook



Level Hydrofoils

Exhibited at the EcoMotion Week 2022 Exhibition Autonomous & Connected | Mobility Services |

Electrification & Energy

Port Optimization


Production 4.0

Feelit Technologies RobotAI


21 Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2022





Drones & Aviation |

Supply Chain

0.10 of a second Helping road users to avoid risk by improving response time capabilities. The Prelight System Analyzes driving behavior, generates intelligent indications, pre illuminates areas with newmethods, quickly expose’s driving intentions of both- human drivers & autonomous systems and makes roads more predictable. ADAS | PRE-SEED | ACiiST Smart Networks Smart cities & Roads are all about connectivity. ACiiST’s technology provides a secure broadband Ethernet Network for every lamppost, connecting all cameras, sensors, or any edge devices. All this with superior redundancy, 10% of cabling than other solutions, super-fast deployment, no trenching, no cabinets, and is economically viable. CONNECTIVITY | SEED | Actasys Actasys enables higher levels of assisteddriving and safety for automotive OEM’s and Tier-1’s by ensuring optical sensor operation under adverse weather conditions. Our product is ActaJet™, an electronically controlled array of small actuators that generates strong jets of air at the sensor location, without a pump, compressor, or fan. ADAS | SEED | ADASKY ADASKY is emerging fromstartup status as a production supplier of LWIR basedADAS thermal sensing cameras.We have been awarded amajor OEM high volume program for H/W and S/Wwith an SOP beginning in 2024 and are launching our brand-new production facility with ISO 7 cleanroom certification to meet this exciting program volume. ADAS | ROUND B |

23 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2022

Arbe Arbe (Nasdaq: ARBE) is a global leader in Imaging Radar Solutions, is driving a radar revolution, enabling truly safe ADAS todaywhile paving the way to full autonomous driving. With a solution 100 times more detailed than any other radar on themarket, Arbe is empoweringOEMs, Tier 1s, and commercial vehicles with paradigm changing perception. ADAS | PUBLIC | Argus Cyber Security Argus partners with global vehiclemanufacturers and their suppliers to detect, prevent, and respond to cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks targeting vehicle fleets and to help ensure sustainable compliance, with regulations like UNR 155, throughout the vehicle lifecycle. CYBER SECURITY | ESTABLISHED | Arilou Arilou is an industry leader. Our products are based on deep automotive industry knowledge andunique cyber-security expertise. Our technology prevents high-end automotive cyber-attacks as well as monetary and reputation damage, while enabling secure introduction of new technologies and connectivity into the vehicle. CYBER SECURITY | PUBLIC | Aurora Labs Aurora Labs’ Line-Of-Code Intelligence provides development teams unique tools to roll out new technologies and services on time, quality, and budget. Aurora Labs’ AI technology detects and validates changes in lines of code for OTA updates and analyses SW dependencies and behavior to improve quality throughout the vehicle lifecycle. CONNECTIVITY | ROUND B |

24 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2022

Autobrains Autobrains offers solutions for the next generation of vehicles and mobility, providing safer, superior performance at lower energy consumption and at less cost vs. market standard. Autobrains disrupts how the automotive industry approaches autonomous driving with a new self-learning approach that mimics human driving perception. ADAS | ROUND C | Autotalks Autotalks helps reduce road collisions and improve mobility with its V2X chipsets. Leading the V2X revolution, Autotalks is connecting all road users, including vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians to form a super safety network. Autotalks’ V2X solution was selected by several OEMs be mass deployed worldwide. CONNECTIVITY | ROUND E | AVES Reality We create 3Ddigital twin environmentmodels for PBR sensor simulation in ADAS andAD. Our models are procedurally built by AI, based on real world geodata and street maps. The models can rapidly be varied and edited to generate numerous geo-typic scenarios at scale. We export these static layers to major simulation tools. ADAS | PRE - SEED | Axon Pulse AxonPulsepresents a pioneering radar perceptionengine for autonomous cars by using SoftwareOnly AI andDeep Learning techniques. AxonPulse takes advantageof “hidden features” in the radar RF signals tooutperform classical radar algorithms and improve radar perception dramatically. ADAS | ROUND A |

25 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2022

B-Design3D B-Design3D is a world leader in creating highly realistic urban and off-road 3D environments (“Digital Twins”) for ADAS and AV driving simulation systems. For the past 20 years, we have been supplying detailed 3Denvironments to the leading simulation systems developers, with a perfect balance between realism and performance.


Brightway Vision We build automotive vision solutions that enable nonstop, long-range, and definite detection. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | ROUND C | C2A Security C2ASecurity is a trusted end-to-end automotive cybersecurity solutions provider. C2Aproducts empower OEMs and supplierswith the visibility required to meet all the cybersecurity needs of connected vehicles across the entire vehicle lifecycle. CYBER SECURITY | ROUND A | Caaresys Caaresys delivers radar in-cabin sensing technology for the automotive/ healthcare domains.Millions of units are sourced by leading automotive OEMs. Caaresys partneredwith leading suppliers towards large-scale deployment. We have been the vendor of choice thanks to our team and patented technology. PASSENGER SAFETY | ROUND A |

26 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2022

Canis Automotive Labs Canis Automotive Labs produces hardware IP toenhance the security and performance of standard CANbus, offering anti-spoofing and denial of-service protection in hardware and up to 40x higher bandwidth, while being fully compatible with standard CAN bus including J1939 hardware and wiring. CYBER SECURITY | ROUND A | Carteav Carteav is a software-centric autonomous solution that upgrades existingmarkets with golf carts to transport people & goods, operated in self-regulated &managed private areas such as resorts, retirement villages, industrial &educational campuses & closed urban areas. Based on MaaS model, Carteav delivers immediate deployments & quick ROIAV Systems & Platforms. Cipia Cipia is a leading provider of intelligent sensing solutions that use computer vision and AI for safer and smarter mobility experiences. The company offers Driver Sense – driver monitoring system, Cabin Sense – occupancy monitoring systems and Cipia-FS10 – a driver monitoring, and video telematics device for fleets. PASSENGER SAFETY | PUBLIC | click-ins Click-Ins is developing an innovative platform for motor insurance and car rentals by focusing on car damages detection fromstandard photos done bymobile phones, without any equipment. By applying its unique DamagePrint™ technology for damage signature matching, Click-Ins detects bogus claims in motor insurance and reveals potential fraud. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | ROUND A | AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | ROUND A |

27 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2022

Cognata Cognata is a leading global supplier of large-scale automotive simulation for theADAS and autonomous vehiclemarkets. Our end-to-endplatform accelerates time to market by delivering simulation solutions for the entire automated driving product lifecycle, from training to testing to deployment.


Cogniteam We’ve been developing artificial intelligence for robots for over ten years. We’ve brought that expertise together to create Nimbus, a new Cloud-based software solution that allows robotics companies tomanage, develop and deploy autonomous robots more effectively. CONNECTIVITY | ROUND A | ContiNewIt ContiNewIt is a spin-off of IPgallery. Our solution is based on our IoT, Real-time, AI/ML and location-based platform. Collecting and analyzing any type of data, any source, and any protocol, we provide CAV in an urban environment data and insights to VehicleOEM, Tier-1, Cities and DoT and Tele-Op to address the Vision Zero Challenge. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | PRE - SEED | Continual Continual’s Connected Mobility platform analyzes, monitors, and improves the network experience and quality for Connected Car drivers and passengers across all roads and highways. CONNECTIVITY | PUBLIC

28 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2022

CorrActions CorrActions is a deep-tech, software only, neuroscience andAI platform that uses human motionmonitoring to identify and alert of dangerous cognitive states.We usedata fromsensors embedded in existing devices, such as steering wheels, smartwatches, and others, to discover and warn of dangerous states, like drowsiness, fatigue and more. ADAS | SEED | CU-BX CU-BX elevates the in-cabin experience through unparalleledAI-driven insights and real-time responses through our suite of market-leading sensing solutions for driver’s and passenger’s well-being and in-cabin Cybellum Automotive industry leaders use Cybellum’s product security platform to manage cyber risk and compliance continuously, throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle. From living SBOMs to automated vulnerability management, and ongoing incident response, teams can ensure their entire product portfolio is secure by design, and that it stays that way. CYBER SECURITY | ESTABLISHED | Cyber 2.0 Cyber2.0 developed a technology for the IT world (Cyber2IT). Then it adapted it for the OT world, including the industrial and connected car world. While other companies are based on biological models, which are vulnerable to attacks, Cyber 2.0 technology is based on a mathematical chaos model that cannot be breached, not even by us. CYBER SECURITY | ROUND A | environmental comfort applications. PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | ROUND A |

29 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2022

Dride Dride builds connected camera systems with enhanced durability, supreme video quality and best in class radar-based parking mode. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | SEED | allows operators of remote-controlled and autonomous fleets to deploy robots and vehicles with confidence. Using cellular bonding, dynamic encoding and advanced algorithms, the connectivity platforms enable the transmission of video, audio, data and control commands with very low latency and high reliability. Edgecase is a data factory for A.I. companies providing best in class data labeling as a service. Edgecase focuses on the highest level of quality that A.I. companies require to scale their services in multiple sectors. Edgecase works with Fortune 500’s from Google to others. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | ROUND A | Enervibe Enervibe designs and develops Kinetic Energy Harvesters, Power management circuits, and sensors for wireless monitoring systems. Our vision is to empower the connectedworld of billions of IoT devices andwireless sensors using our zero-emission, sustainable andperpetual energy source. CONNECTIVITY | SEED | AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | SEED |

30 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2022

Enigmatos Enigmatos offers an automotive cybersecurity solution toprotect vehicle fleets. Its technology encompasses in-vehicle data monitoring and deep data analytics to detect malicious cyber activity on the vehicle’s network. We empower fleets with in-vehicle visibility, to minimize downtime and deliver more value to their customers. CYBER SECURITY | ROUND A | Enroute Enroute has developed a personalized, location-based commerce and loyalty plug-in formobility companies. Enroute’s solution is embedded in ride-hailing and mass transit mobility apps for companies such as Uber, Lyft, Deutsche Bahn, and others. The service allows passengers to earn rides for FREE as they shop, interact, click, and collect. PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | SEED | Foresight Automotive Foresight develops 3D stereo solutions for the autonomous era that include modules of automatic calibration and a dense 3D point cloud. These can be applied to diversemarkets such as automotive, defense, autonomous vehicles, and heavy industrial equipment. ADAS | ROUND B | Foretellix Foretellix provides a revolutionary product development testing, verification, and validation platform, enabling the mass deployment of autonomous driving systems. The platform manages the massive scale of testing required to ensure safety, reduce development costs, and shortens the time-to-market of ADS deployment. ADAS | ROUND B |

31 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2022

Griiip We make real-time racing data accessible for the entire motorsport ecosystem - Media, Gaming, eSports, and Automotive. We increase the media value, sponsorship, and viewership while opening multiple business and growth opportunities for racing series and broadcasters. Our data solutions work together, creating a data universe. CONNECTIVITY | SEED | GuardKnox Cyber Technologies GuardKnox is the automotive industry’s first Cybertech Tier empowering OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and the aftermarket to deliver software-defined and service-oriented vehicles. We consolidate components and applications from other tier suppliers into integrated products that are high-performing, cost-effective and secure by design. CONNECTIVITY | ROUND B | Hailo Hailo’s breakthrough processor is uniquely designed to run embedded AI applications on edge devices efficiently with unprecedented performance. Its novel chip architecture is based on the core properties of neural networks, enabling cost-effective ADAS deployment today and paving the way for autonomous vehicles. ADAS | ROUND B | HeadsUp HeadsUp is about your driving safety. HeadsUp is the layer above! HeadsUpwill act as the integrated interaction component for vehicles on the road. ‘HeadsUp’ sends and receives a ‘HeadsUp’ directive from surrounding vehicles. ‘HeadsUp’ is introducing the “Intelligent Vehicle 2 Intelligent vehicle” link, IV2IV. ADAS | SEED HeadsUp

32 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2022

Imagry Imagry is an Autonomous Vehicle software provider that has created a map-less driving system. Our bio-inspired technology combines real time vision-based perception network, and imitation-learning AI for driving decision-making networks. Imagry’s software enables the AV to understand the road as it goes, just like a human driver. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | ROUND B | InfiniDome InfiniDome, the GPS Security Company, provides front-end cyber solutions for drones, fleets, and critical infrastructure assets, making the next generation of unmanned autonomy safe. CYBER SECURITY | ROUND A | Innoviz Technologies Innoviz is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, solid-state LiDAR sensors and perception software that brings vision to nearly any scenario. Going beyond cameras or radar, Innoviz’s LiDAR provides a comprehensive 3D image of a scene while meeting the automotive industry’s strictest expectations for performance and safety. ADAS | PUBLIC | iPhysicist As a leading electro-optical andoptical systems R&Dcompany, iPhysicist specializes indeveloping,manufacturing, and supplyingADAS, DMS, and in-cabin cameras as well as AR heads up displays, based on innovative optical designs for the automotive market. ADAS | SEED | InfiniDome THE GPS SECURITY COMPANY

33 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2022

Jungo Connectivity Jungo is recognized as a global supplier of in-cabin sensing AI software & is one of the leading companies in theDMS industry. Jungo’s flagship product, CoDriver, a complete AI software stack, enablingOEMs, Tier 1s, fleets & TSPs to quickly embed accurate, robust, cost effective and compute-friendly DMS & passenger sensing capabilities. CONNECTIVITY | PUBLIC | Karamba Security Karamba Security prevents hackers fromattacking all types of connected systems, from autonomous cars to Industry 4.0 and IoT devices. CYBER SECURITY | ROUND B Lidwave Lidwave solves key challenges in 3D sensing technology. Our disruptive coherent optics architecture overcomes the cost vs. performance tradeoff, unlocking LiDAR’s full potential. ADAS | SEED | M-adas M-adas is a Rollover Prevention andMotion Planning for Cruise Control systems for use in curved roads and urban areas. Over three years have been invested in R&D, and today the patent of M-adas, manages to combineATwithexact sciences. TodayM-adas is installed in autonomous vehicles for research purposes. 75M$ LOI already signed. ADAS | SEED |

34 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2022

Mappo Mappo is a global location-based content platform, curating content by scanning all cultural creations and placing it on a map. LOCALIZATION | ROUND A | Newsight Imaging Newsight Imagingdevelops advancedCMOS image sensors and solutions for 3Dmachine vision and spectral analysis. Newsight’s depth camera sensors for machine vision serve verticals such as Automotive ADAS & AV, Robotics, Industry 4.0, Smart City, and more. ADAS | ROUND B | NODAR NODAR builds 3Dvision technology for ultra-long range, high-resolution, real-time depth sensing for autonomous vehicles. NODAR’s patented system allows the vehicle to identify hazards as small as a brick and as far away as 1,000 meters, providing ample time to stop or avoid the object. NODAR is venture-backed by NEA and based in Boston. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | ROUND A | OpsysTech Opsys unique scanning LiDAR technology is based on integrated VCSEL array and SPAD detector. This is the first worldwide fully addressable LiDAR without any moving part. Opsys 4D Pure Solid-State Scanning LiDAR enables the capability to support various resolutions. ADAS | ROUND B |

35 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2022

Ottopia Ottopia is a software company that enables the commercial deployment of all autonomous vehicles. Ottopia offers the only mass-deployed remote assistance system. UsingOttopia’s universal software, remote humans can solve any challenge that autonomy alone cannot, thus closing the performance gap of any autonomous fleet.


OTTOSEC AutomotiveCyber Security Service basedon in-vehicle hardware device for Aftermarket, and Tier-1 (OEM). OTTOSEC is set to address a need and a problem that is not addressed by others. OTTOSEC’s solution can easily be retrofitted to existing vehicles. CYBER SECURITY | SEED | OVO Automotive OVO Automotive is a “Vehicle Infotainment as a Service” company providing car fleet businesses like mobility players, fleet owners and car dealers full and remote control over their connected vehicle screens, driving in-vehicle customer ownership and enablement. OVO raised $3.5m and is now piloting with top car importers and IVI vendors. CONNECTIVITY | SEED | ProteanTecs ProteanTecs provides deep data analytics solutions for advanced electronics in theDatacenter, Automotive, Communications andMobile markets. Based on Universal Chip Telemetry, the company provides predictive systemmonitoring from production to the field, leading to new levels of performance, quality, and reliability at scale. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | ROUND C |

36 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2022

RadSee Technologies RadSee has developed scalable andflexible 4D imaging radar technology (patented systemarchitecture, antenna design, and algorithms), enabling low-cost, high angular resolution automotive radars using off-the shelf components. The developed technology applies to all market segments: ranging from ADAS to autonomous vehicles. ADAS | ROUND A | Ratha With years of practical experience, Ratha lets you integrate your products seamlessly into autonomous vehicles—fromguiding software and algorithmic design to physical on-platform integration. Ratha’s autonomous development kitswill help you speed up your autonomous development at any project stage. ADAS | ESTABLISHED | RFISee RFISEE is based in Israel. Following three years of technology and product development the company is ready to deliver custom radar products based on our unique solution and geared towards specific OEM requirements. To do so, RFISEE expanded lately to Germany so we can work closely with our OEMs and Tier1 partners. ADAS | ROUND A | Ride Vision Ride Vision is a Rider Assistance System designed for motorbikes and their riders. It uses two small cameras mounted front and rear, and an onboard processing unit monitoring the road throughout the ride, using a patented algorithm to reliably detect collision threats and alert riders in real-time. PASSENGER SAFETY | ROUND B |

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Spectralics Spectralics develops a revolutionary optical infrastructure for imaging systems such as head-up displays, augmented reality, and sensors. Our solutions allowsystemmakers to overcome technological barriers that exist in traditional imaging systems, due to physical limitationswithout compromising on the volume, the complexity, or the price. ADAS | SEED | Step-Hear Accessible public transportation for people with visual impairment or mobility disability, for Step-Hear app users: Automated opening of closest tramdoor, for a longer time, with sound indication. Audio alert before line arrives. The driver is indicated that a person with disability is waiting or wishes to alight. Audio anchoring of the stop. Tactile Mobility Tactile Mobility harnesses the power of AI to bring the next phase of the automotive revolution. By generating, collecting, and processing data from existing in-vehicle sensors about the vehicle, road, and surrounding environment, Tactile Mobility is equipping vehicles with the missing sense of “touch”. ADAS | ROUND C | TriEye TriEye is a fabless semiconductor company developing a CMOS-based Short-Wave Infrared sensing solution. Based on nanophononics’ research, TriEye is solving the low visibility challenge for ADAS & AV. Its innovation allows mass-markets to leverage the SWIR spectrum and its superior capabilities under all weather and lighting conditions. ADAS | ROUND A | PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | ESTABLISHED |

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Tupaia Tupaia develops aGNSS-based high precision positioning cloud-service, addressing automotive requirements in open-sky and urban areas that are not met today. Tupaia’s unique solution incorporates a flexible software-only architecture agnostic to hardware, and can be extended to other markets (drones, IoT, mobile, and more). LOCALIZATION | SEED | Upstream security Upstream Security provides a data management and cybersecurity platform, purpose-built for connected vehicles. TheUpstreamPlatform transforms highly distributed vehicle data into centralized, structured, and contextualized data lakes. Utilizing advanced machine learning technologies. CYBER SECURITY | ROUND C | Vayyar Imaging Vayyar’s software-driven 4D imaging radar platformenables dozens of lifesaving applications for in-cabin, ADAS or motorcycle safety. Inside the cabin, a single, 60Ghz chip detects occupant presence, position, and size, classifying children and adults. Outside the car (or motorcycle), the 79GHz platform supports advanced ADAS applications. PASSENGER SAFETY | ROUND D | VComm Improvingmicromobility riders’ safety and behavior, by leveraging data in the cloud. Delivering Micromobility rider’s safety behavior rating, classification and risk assessment, for action. PRE-SEED | PASSENGER SAFETY |

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viisights Revolutionary artificial intelligence video understanding technology for urban and in-vehicle mobility, automatically identifies and alerts in real-time on security & safety events of interest captured by existed surveillance cameras spread throughout traffic control centers, roads, public areas as well as in-vehicle public transportation. ROUND A | PASSENGER SAFETY | WALDYTECH WALDYTECH’s high end solutions for land /autonomous / aviation and dronemarkets comprise of high accuracy GNSS/INS products and services fromNovAtel and other GNSS vendors.We offer both ground truth andOEMproducts for various accuracies andapplications in addition to post processing software enabling the highest accuracy possible. LOCALIZATION | ESTABLISHED | WingDriver WingDriverTMsupports driver safety by avoiding accidents with next level Computer Vision and AI designed for smartphones! ADAS | SEED | WALDYTECH

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Mobility Services

2Seat Club 2 SEATS is an NFT platform built for the worldwide community of car enthusiasts, collectors, and owners, connecting communitymembers, real world car brands,metaverse content creators, and game developers. FLEET MANAGEMENT | PRE - SEED | AD Knight A.DKnight’s novel technologies allowgenerating insights based on high accuracy location data, by leveraging mobile phones and connected devices for passive data collection. Thus, people can walk, ride, and drive safely based on its technology for detection, prediction, and alerting all road users in any visibility conditions. ROAD SAFETY | SEED | Anachoic Anachoic has developed a novel micro-radar, spatial audio HMI, and telematics platform geared specifically to powered two-wheelers (i.e., motorcycles, e-scooters, and e-bikes). The company has raised $2.5Mto date, holds two patents on its core tech, and is in the process of executing pilots with leading players in the mobility space. ROAD SAFETY | SEED | Anagog Anagog empowers companies to strengthen their relationships and interactionswith their users andmaximize the potential of theirmobility apps. Enabling privacy and personalization to coexist, the company fundamentally changes howmobile user data is generated, analyzed, and activated. JOURNEY EXPERIENCE | ROUND C |

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Autofleet Autofleet provides the only full solution for fleets andmobility operators to optimize existing operations and launch newon-demand passenger and logistics services. Using Autofleet’s platform, fleets are able to maximize utilization and revenues while reducing fleet downtime and opening up newmobility services. Learn more: FLEET MANAGEMENT | ROUND B | Bambi Dynamic Bambi Insurance SaaS provides car OEMs and mobility providers an insurance solution that enables themtoown and control their insurance offering and seamlessly partner with insurers or manage insurance through their own insurance entities. Offering Innovative, digital, and personalized insurance products. INSURTECH | ROUND A | BLITZ MOTORS BLITZ has created an easier, cleaner, and more cost-efficient way of transport for the last mile market. A full-service solution, including 24/7 customer service center, complete fleet management telematics, insurance&maintenance for fleets. Public on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, BLITZ is scaling up its business and expanding world-wide. FLEET MANAGEMENT | PUBLIC | Citycar People of the 253 world’s largest cities constantly sit in traffic. That’s whywe have come upwith an idea on how to reduce traffic. Seemingly, one of the solutions to this problem ismotorbikes. Taking comfort and the needs of people into account, we created a 4-wheel motorbike with a cabin! MICROMOBILITY | PRE - SEED |

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City Transformer City Transformer is changing the way people move in cities, creating solutions that bridge the gap between two-wheelers and cars. The CT1 – a one-meter-wide patented all-electric vehicle, is the world’s first foldable vehicle, road regulated in Europe, and recognized globally (i.e., ‘Forbes’, ‘TIME’) as a breakthrough in urban mobility.


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Clearly Clearly focuses on themanagement and reduction of mobility related carbon emissions. Our end-to-end software platform automates the gathering and cleansing of data across the supply chain, then enriches that data to provide trip level emission insights. Businesses use Clearly to meet their net zero goals faster and more cost-effectively. FLEET MANAGEMENT | SEED | Count-me Policy-makers are regulating a shift from single-driver cars to ride sharing models. To enforce these policies and incentivize drivers, counting commuters accurately, is a must. developed the RidesharingMonitor. Amobile-based system that instantly counts and reports the accurate number of passengers commuting together SHARED MOBILITY | SEED | DirecTrainS DirecTrainSystems’ unique technology significantly improves rail capacity and services and dramatically reduces the cost of rail transport. Using existing railway infrastructure, it enables shared infrastructure anywhere, anytime, and paves the way for future ‘non-stopping’ trains. TRAINS | SEED |

DriversView DriversView is a novel system and method, that captures the view of driver’s eyes, ascertains the driver’s attention level while concurrently capturing the vehicle’s relative position vis-à-vis vehicles ahead and additionally, the vehicles to the right and left sides. ROAD SAFETY | SEED | Driverz by SafeMode Driverz is a SaaSDriver-Engagement and rewardplatformallowing fleets to motivate drivers for safe driving, high productivity, and top loyalty. FLEET MANAGEMENT | SEED | Driverly Driverly solution is a ‘Digital Twin’ cloud platform which connects software and the physical vehicle systems, which extends the car compute capabilities, combinedwith a developer sandbox environment. INFRASTRUCTURE | SEED DYM sense DYMdevice is a touch-based Bio-sensor, whichmeasures blood alcohol levels under the skin’s surface - by using a non-invasive laser diode to detect the alcohol capillary blood level of the driver. The device contains a small finger pad, that can be integrated into any vehicle’s control. ROAD SAFETY | SEED | DriversView

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Electreon Electreon, selected as one of TIME’s 2021 Best Inventions, is the leading provider of wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs). The proprietary inductive technology dynamically (inmotion) and statically (while stopped) safely charges EVs, eliminates range anxiety, lowers TCO, and enables fleets to reduce battery capacity. SHARED MOBILITY | PUBLIC | Ellr Ellr connectsmotorcycles to the internet to enhance safety and security for riders and bikers. INSURTECH | ROUND A | EMMA Sensing “Materials talk andwe knowhowto listen.” Emma Sensing has developed a state-of-the-art Acoustic Sensors with edge processing that can monitor batteries, electrical motors, gear boxes, chassis’, and electrical capacitors in cars Power PCBAS. With this technology we can provide predictive maintenance at the microscopical level FLEET MANAGEMENT | SEED | EVE Technologies EVE’s first of several products is Athena, a patented, user-friendly solution to the tragic occurrence of parents or care givers who leave children (or pets) unattended in a vehicle, resulting in deaths and injuries. EVE’s development team has successfully completed a prototype based on several different advanced sensors. ROAD SAFETY | ROUND A |

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Exelerate Smart Traffic Exelerate develops innovative solutions for challenges of traffic-light control with an extensivemanagement platformand AI algorithms for intersections, corridors, and cities. Exelerate’s solutions are successfully deployed in over 1,000 intersections including cities, metropolitan light rail networks and exits of national highways. TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT | SEED | Eye-Net Mobile Eye-NetMobiledevelops innovative solutions and smart communication platforms to enhance road safety & situational awareness for all road users in the urbanmobility environment. The company’s safemobility solution is an intuitive and easy-to-usemobile application that provides real-time pre-collision alerts to all road users. ROAD SAFETY | ROUND A | Finixel Technologies We establish Electric Vehicle Business in India for 2W, 3W and 4W. SHARED MOBILITY | PRE - SEED | Galgalim Galgalim is a B2B and B2C digital marketplace for vehicle repair, maintenance, and parts. Vehicle owners receive detailed quotes from garages, compare and choose the best offer, and garages can choose

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from a variety of parts’ suppliers. MAINTENANCE | ESTABLISHED |


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