City Transformer City Transformer is changing the way people move in cities, creating solutions that bridge the gap between two-wheelers and cars. The CT1 – a one-meter-wide patented all-electric vehicle, is the world’s first foldable vehicle, road regulated in Europe, and recognized globally (i.e., ‘Forbes’, ‘TIME’) as a breakthrough in urban mobility.


45 Mobility Services EcoMotion Booklet 2022

Clearly Clearly focuses on themanagement and reduction of mobility related carbon emissions. Our end-to-end software platform automates the gathering and cleansing of data across the supply chain, then enriches that data to provide trip level emission insights. Businesses use Clearly to meet their net zero goals faster and more cost-effectively. FLEET MANAGEMENT | SEED | Count-me Policy-makers are regulating a shift from single-driver cars to ride sharing models. To enforce these policies and incentivize drivers, counting commuters accurately, is a must. developed the RidesharingMonitor. Amobile-based system that instantly counts and reports the accurate number of passengers commuting together SHARED MOBILITY | SEED | DirecTrainS DirecTrainSystems’ unique technology significantly improves rail capacity and services and dramatically reduces the cost of rail transport. Using existing railway infrastructure, it enables shared infrastructure anywhere, anytime, and paves the way for future ‘non-stopping’ trains. TRAINS | SEED |

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