DriversView DriversView is a novel system and method, that captures the view of driver’s eyes, ascertains the driver’s attention level while concurrently capturing the vehicle’s relative position vis-à-vis vehicles ahead and additionally, the vehicles to the right and left sides. ROAD SAFETY | SEED | Driverz by SafeMode Driverz is a SaaSDriver-Engagement and rewardplatformallowing fleets to motivate drivers for safe driving, high productivity, and top loyalty. FLEET MANAGEMENT | SEED | Driverly Driverly solution is a ‘Digital Twin’ cloud platform which connects software and the physical vehicle systems, which extends the car compute capabilities, combinedwith a developer sandbox environment. INFRASTRUCTURE | SEED DYM sense DYMdevice is a touch-based Bio-sensor, whichmeasures blood alcohol levels under the skin’s surface - by using a non-invasive laser diode to detect the alcohol capillary blood level of the driver. The device contains a small finger pad, that can be integrated into any vehicle’s control. ROAD SAFETY | SEED | DriversView

46 Mobility Services EcoMotion Booklet 2022

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