Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2016 - Summary

3. Other Study and Training Programs for Health Care Professions 1. Advanced basic course in MSR for public health nurses at the Wolfson School of Nursing, in collaboration with MSR, 2. Study programs for physicians in the community, in collaboration with "Goshen” and the HMO’s, 3. Workshops at MSR (Center for Medical Simulation) on identifying maltreated children – for the medical and nursing divisions of Israel’s hospitals 4. Follow-up program for doctors, graduates of the Haruv course, in collaboration with the Health Ministry, the Institute of Forensic Medicine, and the State Attorney’s office 5. Study program for doctors and nurses of the hospitals of Clalit health services about the abuse and neglect of children.


The Haruv Institute : A Snapshot of 2016 Activities

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