Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2016 - Summary

Selected programs:

1. Training the Staffs of the “Organization for the Promotion of Education in Tel Aviv-Jaffa”

The Organization for the Promotion of Education in Tel Aviv-Jaffa is an NGO, not- for-profit organization that provides a wide spectrum of social services whose goal is to create a new reality for thousands of children in Jaffa, southern Tel Aviv and Bat-Yam. The children under this organization’s care live in poverty-stricken neighborhoods and mostly come from families in which the parents, or those responsible for the child, are unemployed. In the homes of these children there is no supportive framework that addresses their physical and emotional needs, and often they suffer from some form of neglect or abuse. The Haruv Institute works in collaboration with this organization to train its caregiving and educational teams. In 2016 the Haruv Institute held two training programs, in collaboration with the Organization for the Promotion of Education in Tel Aviv-Jaffa: Training the organization’s therapeutic staff in play therapy,for children who experienced traumatic events Training the educational staff of the Organization for the Promotion of Education in Tel Aviv-Jaffa The “A Home For Every Child” non-profit organization, in its various frameworks and programs, provides services for about 2,000 abused and neglected children per year/The organization operates treatment frameworks for children at-risk, such as emergency shelters in Jerusalem and in Be’er Sheva, a transitional home and after-school therapeutic programs, and the Meital Center. Through the training of its professional staff, the help the organization offers children at risk will develop and improve. In 2016 training programs were held for the workers of the “A Home For Every Child” Organization: For the staffs of the after-school programs, in West Jerusalem In East Jerusalem Training program for directors Day seminar for the entire organization 2. Training the Staffs of the “A Home for Every Child” Non- Profit Organization


The Haruv Institute : A Snapshot of 2016 Activities

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