Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2016 - Summary

2. Seminars for social workers of the Welfare Law (for the mentally disabled) and rehabilitative social workers A social worker of the Welfare Law (for the mentally disabled) is appointed by law to protect people with mental disabilities. These workers, whose job is difficult and complex, receive special training in the law and its regulations and are dispersed throughout Israel. These study days not only provide them with new information, but also help them think outside the box, providing a respite from routine thinking patterns. Subjects of the study days: keeping “an open mind” and creative thinking; the authoritative field and the therapeutic field, can they go together? ; the film: A Paper Wedding, that deals with a cognitive-social disability. Discussion with the lead actress, Asi Levi; changes, trends and procedures in the role of the social worker of the Welfare Law (for the mentally disabled). 3. Day seminar for volunteers of pre-army public service, at “Ogen HaKehilati” and “Gar’in BaMidbar” The aim of this day seminar was to share information with the volunteers on the importance of ‘benevolent figures’ and their significance for young adolescents in the frameworks in which the volunteers work. The day seminar began with a personal story of a girl at risk who, when she grew up, became a mentor for young girls at risk. “If they didn’t give up on me, I too won’t give up on myself”. This was followed by a lecture, “About children at risk – from here to where?”, and concluded with an entertainment respite – a musical performance by Tal Kravitz. 4. Concentrated Study days: An introduction to Child- Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) and trauma, in working with families at high risk Psychologists at the Educational Psychology Service, who work with preschool- aged children and their parents, encounter the effect of trauma on the child’s development and on his family. Therefore, there is great importance in training them in trauma-informed intervention for use with this child population. The importance of this training is prominent in view of the fact that in the forthcoming academic year (2016-2017) the Holon Educational Psychology Service will be providing services for the first time to Holon’s child day care centers as well. This is in addition to the services already provided to the city’s kindergartens. Subjects of the day seminar: Defeated parenting; the effect of trauma on the parent-child relationship; why it is important to talk about trauma; the process of


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