Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2016 - Summary

Lectures and Visits of International Experts

As part of our efforts to establish HARUV-USA as a leading institution of training and knowledge, Tulsa hosted renowned lecturers in the field of child abuse. During their visit, these specialists met professionals from the community and different universities, with whom they shared their massive experience and knowledge, acquired over the years. As part of this program, in 2016 experts came to HARUV-USA,. where they lectured and met with about 700 professionals and students. The following are their lectures and other study programs: 1. Lecture by Prof. Alicia Lieberman, on “Cradle to prison pipeline: The preventive value of early education & infant mental health”, Haruv-USA, February 2nd, 2016 2. Public lecture delivered by Dr. Lawrence Aber, June 2016 3. Dr. Brian E. Bride, a discussion on the difficulties and experiences linked to secondary trauma experienced by the professional workers. November 9-11th, 2016 4. The visit of a group of researchers, members of the Kempe-Haruv Fellows 5. Lectures by Ms. Paula David – Director of the Study Programs at the Haruv Institute in Israel – who visited Haruv-USA. 6. Lectures by Prof. Anat Zeira - an expert in intervention programs assessment. 7. Training at the Tandy Center for Education and Simulation 8. Training investigators, Oklahoma University in Tulsa, in collaboration with the School of Social Work 9. “Open House” at the Tandy Center for Simulation for professionals 10. Simulations for students in the Master’s degree program in social work – sexual abuse in childhood 11. A two-day program at the Simulation Center for counselors at Camp Hope, YMCA, In collaboration with YMCA-Tulsa 12. Simulation for pediatric interns on the subject of child abuse, in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine, Oklahoma University in Tulsa 13. Simulations for the Outreach Unit of the Youth Services, In collaboration with the YST – Youth Services Tulsa 14. Day of simulations for supervisors of the Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services


The Haruv Institute : A Snapshot of 2016 Activities

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