Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2016 - Summary


Multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural study and training programs One of the Institute's most unique features is its wide network of training and educational programs, including professionals from a wide variety of disciplines and cultures who come into contact with maltreated children.

Training includes: • Annual programs

• Short-term programs and courses • Programs focusing on all forms of maltreatment

• Programs especially focused on a particular area - for example, sexual abuse. • Programs simultaneously training professionals from different professional arenas • Programs targeted at a specific professional group

Selected programs

1. Study Programs for Professionals from The Ultra- Orthodox Sector The Haruv Institute’s training programs for the Ultra-Orthodox sector have focused on training therapists to treat sexually abused children and their families, in order to increase the number of professionals in the Ultra-Orthodox sector who specialize in this field. Training included imparting advanced theoretical knowledge and implementation tools to help address this phenomenon. To date, the Haruv Institute has trained nearly 120 female therapists and nearly 100 male therapists. In recent years awareness of this issue has increased in the Ultra-Orthodox society, along with the need to train professionals from other fields. Thus, in 2016 the Institute decided to extend its activities to additional Ultra-Orthodox populations.


The Haruv Institute : A Snapshot of 2016 Activities

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