Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018


One-Day Seminar for Bussing Escorts, Holon May 3, 2018 In Partnership with: The Holon Municipality

Goal: To put a spotlight on the protection of children while being bussed to special education schools. Bussing escorts are professionals who meet the children daily during challenging bussing conditions. Therefore it is important to help define the role of the bussing escorts and provide them with the tools to detect and identify risks in the sexual-social domain, and ways of initial intervention. Target Population: Bussing escorts.

Number of Participants: 250

Location: Holon

Budget: NIS 3,000

Annual One-Day Seminar at Beit-Ruth: Adolescent Boys & Girls Who Suffered Trauma – the Characteristics, Ramifications and Methods of Coping May 8, 2018 In Partnership with: Beit-Ruth Goal: To provide tools to work with adolescent boys and girls who experienced traumatic events in their past, to teach what is characteristic of such cases, what are its ramifications and methods of treatment. Target Population: Professionals in the northern region.

Number of Participants: 100

Location: Beit-Ruth

Budget: NIS 10,000

One-Day Seminar: Between the Healthy and the Harmful – Sexuality and Autism in Preschoolers May 16, 2018 In Partnership with: ALUT Goal: To understand the sexual behavior of preschoolers, while focusing on autism; providing tools to identify sexual abuse in this population and how to deal with it, with consideration of the challenges of the all-inclusive systemic work; escorting the parents, the child and the educational framework in responding to suspected or identified sexual abuse.

Number of Participants: 25

Location: Ramat Efal

Budget: NIS 7,000


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