Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018


The Haruv-Oranim Conference: The Transparent Pain – Trauma during the First Years of Life July 8, 2018 Goal: To provide tools for prevention and caring for maltreated children, especially children who witnessed domestic violence. Target Population: Professionals in the fields of health, education and welfare, in the northern region.

Number of Participants: 70

Location: Oranim College

Budget: NIS 12,000

One-Day Seminar: Children Who Live in a Complex Reality July 8, 2018 In collaboration with: Maccabi HMO Health Services

Background and Goal: The staff working in Child Development encounter children with special needs alongside those coping with hardships and various health issues – a population that is at greater risk to fall victim to abuse. The staff workers also need to address those cases of children exposed to violence and children of mentally ill parents. This seminar dealt with the dilemmas that surface when treating these complex cases, the ramifications of stress in childhood on the child’s development, and the importance of the work of an inter-disciplinary staff in such cases. Target Population: The Child Development Services staff of the Maccabi HMO Health Services, Central Region.

Number of Participants: 80

Location: Tel Aviv

Budget: NIS 3,000

An Evening Session on the Subject of Protection: Protection Begins in Our Living-Room – Pornography? Gambling? Not in our Home. Is that really true? July 17, 2018 In collaboration with: The Nahal Sorek Regional Council Goal: To advance the issue of protection in the regional council’s settlements, to market the work of the protection committees. Target Population: Members of the protection committees and residents.

Number of Participants: 250

Location: Nahal Sorek Auditorium

Budget: NIS 10,000


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