Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018



Social Hub: “1 out of 5” – Encouraging Initiatives for Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect June 2018 – January 2019 Goal: To become the leading body that steers ideas into initiatives and their implementation, in the prevention of child maltreatment. Its mission is to support, escort and encourage the creation of initiatives in this field. The work model is taken from the world of hi-tech and technology, which encourages entrepreneurship, initiatory and creative thinking to find solutions for a variety of problems. In recent years we have witnessed the growing involvement and investment of business firms in initiatives and programs that address social problems, and the flourishing of hubs that encourage social initiatives. The uniqueness of “1 out of 5” lies in its being the only social hub that focuses on encouraging initiatives in the area of child abuse and neglect, with special emphasis on its prevention. Target Population: Promoters from every field of endeavor with ideas for initiatives to help prevent child abuse and neglect. Duration of the Program: 7 months, 24 weekly sessions. In June 2018, the second group was opened on a test-run track, nine sessions, with 20 participants. At this stage, the group focused on diagnosing the current problems, defining the needs and consolidating the entrepreneurs’ ideas that they wish to develop. In September 2018, after a panel of judges chose those initiators continuing to the next stage, an accelerated track was opened with 9 initiatives. On this track, during 16 sessions, the initiators received support in developing their ideas via mentors from the business and social sectors, lectures on a variety of topics, such as preparing a business plan, marketing the initiative, fund-raising, creating partnerships, etc. Six initiatives reached the end of the program and were launched in mid-January 2018, at a gala event attended by investors and potential partners from the business, philanthropic, governmental and social sectors. The initiatives that are ripe to operate as a pilot program receive initial financial support. At the same time, the Social Hub continues to escort the initiators, graduates of the first group in 2017, and helps them as needed in promoting their initiative and obtaining the financial help to implement the pilot programs in the field. Number of Participants: A cohort of 20 participants from various professional branches: social work, child and adolescent caregivers, medicine, project managers, mental health, public health, etc.

Location: The Haruv Children's Campus, Jerusalem

Budget : NIS 100,000


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