Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018


One-Day Training Seminar on Child Neglect August 16, 2018 In collaboration with: CAP

Goal: To provide tools to identify and treat domestic violence, especially in families of the Oklahoma community. Participants also did simulations of working with families where there was suspected violence. Target Population: Educators and therapists of the CAP Organization for Social Services, who help parents of preschoolers via parent-training programs, and through home visits with families coping with poverty and neglect.

Number of Participants: 20

Location: Oklahoma University

Budget : $ 500

Simulations for Foster Care Parents September 29, 2018 In collaboration with: The Child Protection Coalition

Goal: To impart knowledge and skills to foster parents in coping with the children under their care, by practicing appropriate conversation patterns that draw the children closer. Training was done by simulation exercises in which the foster parents had to practice conversing with a young girl who refuses to visit her biological mother. Target Population: Foster parents.

Number of Participants: 50

Location: Learning Center, Oklahoma University, Tulsa

Budget : $ 500

One-Day Seminar at the Parent-Child Center October 3, 2018 Goal: To impart knowledge and conversational skills with new parents about protection, and take part in simulations of situations that nurses encounter. Target Population: Nurses who do home visits or converse with new parents in hospitals.

Number of Participants: 25

Location: Oklahoma University

Budget : $ 4,000


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