Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2019


Two Learning Programs for Therapists Working with Disabled Children in the Southern and Central Regions December 2018 – March 2020 Background and goal: Children with disabilities are maltreated three to five times more than other children. Social workers who treat them on an ongoing basis are the professionals who must identify and detect suspected maltreatment, and act to protect the children and treat them. Identifying abuse at a young age is critical to stopping it and optimally rehabilitating the child. The goal of these programs is to provide professionals with the skills necessary to perform at their best. Target Population: Caregivers - social workers, developmental psychologists, expressive arts therapists, occupational therapists and school advisors.

Number of Sessions: 15: 7 in Tel Aviv, 8 at Soroka Hospital, Beer Sheba

Number of Participants: Total of 49: 24 in Tel Aviv and 25 in Beer Sheba

Location: Tel Aviv and Soroka Hospital, Beer Sheba

Rehabilitation Social Workers Training Programs: Working with Maltreated Children with Disabilities October 2019 – February 2020 Partners: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Herzliya Municipalities Background and Goal: Provide skills to diagnose, identify and intervene in cases of suspected maltreatment of children with disabilities. In Jerusalem training focused on both theoretical and practical knowledge of trauma and sexual abuse of disabled children, with emphasis on secondary trauma and social worker resilience. Target Population: Social workers at rehabilitation departments in the municipalities of Jerusalem, Herzliya and Tel Aviv; in Herzliya including local support center therapists and juvenile law social workers.

Number of Sessions: 3 series of 3 sessions each in Jerusalem; 5 in Herzliya; 1 in Tel Aviv Number of Participants: Number of Participants: Total 220: 90 in Jerusalem, 30 in Herzliya, 100 in Tel Aviv

Location: Jerusalem, Herzliya, Tel Aviv

Budget: ILS 87,500



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