Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2019

TRAINING PROGRAMS: TREATING CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES In 2019 The Haruv Institute expanded activities in this field to include caregivers, social workers and bussing escorts. The program objective was to raise awareness and provide skills to prevent maltreatment of disabled children, and to identify those who are victims of abuse and neglect. Some training programs were long-term and others short-term, with 264 participants from a wide range of professions. The training programs were held in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Beer Sheba, Herzliya and Hod Hasharon (see activities in the Conferences and Study Days section). Some content was taught in training frameworks not specifically designed for children with disabilities. Sexuality and Maltreatment Prevention: Therapist Workshop at ALUT, The Israeli Society for Children and Adults with Autism May 2019 Goal: Provide knowledge on sexuality and maltreatment prevention in language delay preschooler kindergartens. Target Population: Emotional therapists and paraprofessional staff at ALUT language kindergartens


Number of Participants: 40

Location: Savion

Budget: ILS 2,500

Study Course at DEBORAH AGMON Rehabilitation Kindergarten in Jerusalem January – June 2019 Goal: Locate and identify children with disabilities who are victims of abuse; provide information on dangers, distress signals and signs of maltreatment, as well as short-term and long-term consequences of preschooler maltreatment. Target Population: Kindergarten teachers, paraprofessional teams and psycho-social staff

Number of Sessions: 8

Number of Participants: 45

Location: Deborah Agmon Rehabilitation Kindergarten, Jerusalem

Budget: ILS 20,000



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