Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2019


3rd Haruv - Oranim Conference: Stop the Collapse - Trauma in the Family and its Implications July 3, 2019 Partners: Oranim College Goal: The primary goal of the conference is to reinforce professional strength in the periphery and connect with its work. This year the conference dealt with trauma in the family and its effect on the family system. Guest speaker was Dr. Daniel Hughes from the United States, a world-renowned expert on dyadic treatment of children who experience trauma. Target Population: General public, professionals from fields of education, welfare, therapy and medicine who work with children

Number of Participants: 80

Location: Oranim College

Budget: ILS 9,000

Workshops with Dr. Daniel Hughes for Senior Trauma Therapists July 2019

Goal: Therapeutic discussions with children and their parents Target Population: Senior trauma therapists

Number of Sessions: 2

Number of Participants: 35

Location: Haruv Institute

Budget: ILS 15,000

3rd Haruv - Sapir Conference: Sexual Abuse between Siblings December 9, 2019

Partners: School of Social Work, Sapir Academic College Goal: Present the phenomenon of sexual abuse between siblings, the complexity of treating children and their parents and the children's place in this context. Target Population: General public

Number of Participants: 100

Location: Sapir Academic College


Budget: ILS 20,000


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