Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2019



In our vision for the campus is a therapeutic and synergetic sequence for maltreated children. To make this a reality, Haruv Institute offered financial support and assistance in recruiting resources for initiatives to emphasize the collaboration between various organizations on campus. Towards the end of 2017 an appeal was distributed among all on-campus staff calling for collaboration between the different organizations. Approved proposals granted their organizations a monetary award as incentive for professional collaboration.

Following are the detailed collaborations:

Collaboration between the National Council for the Child and the Toni Elyashar Shekel Treatment Center: Gathering Data on Children with Disabilities, ongoing project. This joint project stemmed from the need for current data on children with disabilities in general and children at risk in particular. Professionals, policy-makers, service suppliers and academics in Israel today base their work on partial and outdated data, despite research indicating these children are at greater risk of abuse and neglect than other children. Even in the face of growing awareness and the importance of relevant and current information, detailed data of this type is still lacking. Absence of data causes severe limitation in understanding children's needs. This joint project began in 2018 and proposed data gathering: to raise awareness to the need for specific population data from relevant bodies such as government ministries; to complete data analysis and compose position papers on possible results of policy change; to promote effective prevention in identifying abused children with disabilities as well as treating them; and to attempt changing policies relevant to this population.

Grant Total: ILS 10,600



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