Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2019


Collaboration between the National Council for the Child and MSR: Training Professionals to Include Children and Adolescents in Policy-Making MSR and the National Council for the Child seek collaboration in building a modular training model, to help policy-makers work with children and adolescents in true and professional partnership. It may even extend to help professionals in other disciplines, include children and adolescents at risk or in dangerous situations facing critical decisions. In addition to respectful and inclusive therapeutic dialogue, the intention is to create discourse that emphasizes adolescents’ right to be part of considerations and factors centered on their best interest, when making these decisions. The project trains professionals to include children and adolescents at risk as an integral part of their work processes, accomplished through simulation exercises with actors. This will teach inclusive dialogue, policy that addresses children at risk, identifying the challenges in including children and adolescents, responding to all of the above, and developing uniform protocol for such inclusion. Collaboration between the Meital Center, the Schusterman Emergency Center and Ma'avarim: Treating Sexually Abused Children in Intense Parental Conflict Situations Currently, cohesive and structured knowledge is deficient regarding the unique therapeutic needs of complex families with two concurrent risk factors: severe parental conflict, and at least one child who was sexually or otherwise abused within or outside the family. Dual trauma makes it impossible to treat him, as therapists lack the skills to manage treatment when faced with competing traumas. Initiative Main Goals and Objectives: Define dilemmas professionals face on this subject, compile the organizations' knowledge and formulate a work method that will allow families to receive optimal treatment through collaboration between these three organizations (by enabling each family member to be treated by the organization best suited to their needs). A forum of therapists from the three organizations, led by a professional moderator, will formulate the work method and compose a concluding document, for organizations to learn and assimilate. Grant Total: ILS 10,600

Grant Total: ILS 10,600



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