Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2019

MEDIA PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN TO RAISE AWARENESS OF CHILD MALTREATMENT Partners: The National Council for the Child Goal: Influence public opinion by raising awareness to the phenomenon of child abuse and neglect and ways of prevention, and bringing the subject center-stage in Israel's public discourse. Within the framework of events marking thirty years of mandatory reporting, a publicity campaign was created to emphasize the importance of reporting, and address the hindrances in reporting. The campaign consisted of three films in Hebrew and one in Arabic, a series of articles, opinion pieces, interviews in the media, and ongoing activity on the project's Facebook page. Target Population: The general Israeli public, especially parents, professionals and policy makers Renewed Initiative Branding: Logo and supplementary initiative products were updated.


Location: Social networks and articles in traditional forms of media

Budget: ILS 275,000



Goal: Utilize legislation shaping, advocacy, social change, government policy monitoring – all applied to prioritizing child maltreatment and seeing it is placed at the top of state agenda, and as means of reducing the phenomena. Activities were held throughout the year. During 2019 meetings were held with Knesset members and senior government officials, to discuss issues that demand action and legislative change. As part of the events marking 30 years of mandatory reporting, a tour of Haruv Children's Campus was held with a special discussion on mandatory reporting, in which Knesset Member Omer Yankelevitch participated. This initiative has partnered with a mission team to promote training preschooler educators to prevent child maltreatment. Target Population: Policy-setters (MKs, government members)

Location: Jerusalem

Budget: ILS 20,000



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