Haruv annual report 2020



YouTube 2020 brought great challenges to the institute’s work, and in order to continue material production for professionals, all Haruv activity was transferred to digital platforms. This allowed us to record and save many materials we were previously unable to. With coronavirus outbreak, the institute’s YouTube channel became a main and powerful tool. Lectures open to the general public were recorded and uploaded; hundreds of renowned specialist lectures on a wide variety of topics are now easily available. The collection is constantly expanding and receiving thousands of monthly viewings. YouTube channel usage increase required reevaluation and reorganizing, as it previously facilitated publicity videos. In 2020 it became a channel for gratis accessibility to lecture, conference and seminar content, and an introduction to various therapeutic methods for many professionals across the country. Playlists were created on YouTube and Haruv website to allow viewing by subject. Over 2020 Haruv YouTube channel received nearly 68,000 viewings. Subscribers have grown to 900, as compared to 70 prior to March 2020, when coronavirus lockdowns began.

Haruv Institute YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/3wg8WFd

Haruv Institute YouTube channel screenshot

Facebook Page Over the years the Haruv Institute Facebook page has become an important and germane source of information for many professionals in various fields. This year, in light of the transfer to digital platforms, the circle of professionals on our Facebook page expanded as well. Our follower count is rising consistently, in 2020 approximately 1,000 new followers joined. The institute Facebook page enables immediate exposure to Haruv’s diverse work, and facilitates distribution of important content and the diverse activities held in the past, as well as future plans. Our circle grows to include a wide variety of target audiences, both existing and new. As we increased our use of Facebook, public response increased as well, and led to a rise in program registration inquiries. This can also be seen in the number of “likes” – 1,650 at the beginning of 2020, and 2,580 at the end of 2020.


Haruv Institute Facebook page: The Haruv USA Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HaruvUSA


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