The Aguda he Association for LGBTQ Equality Annual Report 2023

The Aguda in the Media and Social Networks

vociferously demanding equality, and initiating a symbolic protest that became the catalyst for resistance against the judicial overhaul throughout the year.

Europe, we responded with factual information, refuting claims and taking legal action against those spreading false accusations. In times of national conflict, our LGBTQ community members courageously stood at the forefront of the battle. Despite being deemed worthy to sacrifice their lives for the country, they continue to face inequality and a lack of equal rights. We pledge to amplify their call for equality and security, persisting even beyond times of war until every citizen in Israel recognizes their inherent right to equality in all aspects of life. Looking ahead, significant challenges confront the LGBTQ community as anti LGBTQ organizations systematically strive to diminish public support. We remain committed to thwarting these efforts and advancing inclusive, diverse LGBTQ visibility that authentically reflects our lives and aspirations. The fight has just begun, and we stand ready to face it head-on.

This year has marked a significant surge in LGBTQ visibility, underscoring the resilience and influence of the LGBTQ community within Israeli society. From the onset of the government’s inauguration, amid discussions of a p r o p o s e d discriminatory law affecting LGBTQ individuals’ access to services and products, we spearheaded the first demonstration of the year. This event, held in opposition to hate and in

The juxtaposition on News 12’s split screen, displaying both the LGBTQ rally concurrently with the government’s swearing-in, epitomized our community’s unwavering strength. It emphasized our collective commitment to safeguarding our rights and resisting any encroachment. Subsequently, our active involvement in protests against the judicial overhaul illuminated the perils of the reform for community members. The pride flag prominently featured in rallies, second only to the Israeli flag, exemplified our steadfast dedication to the cause. Simultaneously, this year witnessed an alarming rise in LGBTQ-phobia. Through media and social networks, we shared harrowing stories of community members subjected to attacks in public spaces and homes. Regular updates on increasing LGBTQ-phobia cases, reported regularly at our reporting center, were broadcast, featuring interviews with dozens of community members each week. Confronting incitement and false narratives against the trans community, imported from the USA and

Amir Moshe The Aguda's Spokesperson

support of LGBTQ rights, saw community members blocking the Ayalon highway,


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