The Aguda he Association for LGBTQ Equality Annual Report 2023

Rising Above Challenges: The Trans Center’s Journey Through Expansion and Growth

community-driven projects that extended beyond its physical space. Activities at the center spanned a diverse range, including regular yoga classes, game nights, creative workshops, lectures on trans rights, social gatherings, therapy groups, legal advice sessions, free dance spaces, mindfulness practices, self-defense classes, and the establishment of a trans database through a community initiative. Noteworthy events featured a permanent exhibition showcasing artists from the trans spectrum, record-setting participatory events, and more. Emphasizing diversity, the center collaborated with other LGBTQ organizations. Events commemorating holidays from various religions in Israel, activities for families with children, youth engagements, and partnerships with student groups contributed to an inclusive environment. Despite the positive developments, the year also brought challenges, with emotional highs and lows. Notably, during a “Day of Disruption” in March, the center faced tensions as activists, including key figure Nina Halevi, were arrested. Despite the concerns, the community rallied in support, leading to the activists’ release. Amid a politically charged atmosphere and increased hostility towards the LGBTQ community, the trans center responded by reinforcing its activities and providing a secure space for those affected. The center also became a base for protest actions, fostering positive visibility. In the face of transphobia, the community utilized materials provided by the center for

demonstrations and advocacy. The outbreak of war prompted a shift in the center’s activities, temporarily halting physical gatherings for safety reasons. However, digital initiatives were quickly implemented, including emotional resilience workshops and expressive activities. Despite the challenges posed by the war, routine activities resumed in November, supplemented by online workshops. The war exacerbated existing mental and economic hardships within the trans community, prompting the center to intensify efforts. Looking forward, we are excited about the opportunities for growth, advocacy, and community building that lie ahead. The past year’s experiences have only strengthened our resolve to create a better future for the trans community. We are actively working on expanding therapeutic solutions, addressing emerging needs, and promoting inclusivity.

In 2023, the Trans Center, established in collaboration with the ‘Gila Project for Trans Empowerment’

in July 2022, experienced remarkable growth and became a pivotal hub for the trans community in

Israel. Led by and for the trans community, the center served as a space for community


About 3000

engagement, social services, and rights advocacy. Throughout the year, it evolved into a central gathering point, fostering initiatives, collaborations, and Michal Stoler Director of the Trans Center

Mentoring meetings at the center

Individual inquiries handled

25 Treated by a psychiatrist

50 Received legal aid

40 Treated by the center’s nurse


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