The Haruv Children's Campus - קמפוס חרוב לילדים

The Israel National Council for the Child

Established in 1981, the Israel National Council for the Child (NCC) is the most prominent organization protecting the rights of children in Israel and ensuring their wellbeing, as viewed by the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). To achieve this goal, the NCC is actively involved in the design of public policy and legislation that ensure the wellbeing of all children and protect their rights. Over the past four decades, the NCC was instrumental in passing over 120 bills and legislative amendments and ensuring their implementation. The NCC combines macro-level policy work with micro-level individual assistance for children at risk and in distress. While the NCC Assistance and Support Center (Ombudsperson) receives thousands of inquiries regarding infringement of rights, the Child Victims Assistance Center accompanies hundreds of child victims of sexual and violent offences every year throughout criminal proceedings. Learning from individual cases is the basis of our policy work and helps design new laws and policies in matters requiring regulation or further attention. In relation to the CRC, the NCC promotes the notion that children have the right and the capacity to play an active role in policy design in matters relating to their lives. Aimed at mutual learning and better policy-making, the NCC Youth Parliament provides a platform for both youth participation in policy design and a dialogue between teenagers and policymakers. Thanks to the NCC’s unique positioning and experience, it succeeds in developing cutting-edge models that promote a child rights-based approach. These newfound models stem from our ongoing work to develop and promote professional knowledge on children’s rights. The NCC compiles and publishes an annual Statistical Yearbook, which is the most comprehensive database on the state of children in Israel.

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