Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2016 - Summary

3. Other Study and Training Programs in the Field of Education 1. A training course for house parents of the “Orr Shalom” non-profit organization, on the subject: therapeutic work with children who experienced traumatic events, in collaboration with the organization 2. Training sessions for the staff of the HaOgen Community Youth Village, Be’er Sheva, in collaboration with the Village. 3. Training for childcare workers of preschool-aged children in the Bedouin society, 4. In collaboration with the Ajik Negev Institute,

Study and Training Programs in the Field of Welfare

Selected programs:

1. Trauma-Informed Intervention Programs in out-of-home Frameworks Trauma-informed intervention, in collaboration with the “Re’im Transitional Home” Trauma-informed intervention, in collaboration with “Neve Wizo”, Herzliya Trauma-informed intervention, in the foster services, in collaboration with “Shachar – Foster Care Services” 2. Training program on selected issues related to work with children at risk Frequently, the families seeking treatment at the welfare department come from a complex reality in their lives and suffer from stressful and distressful events, such as exposure to violence and abuse, illness, sudden death of a family member, divorce- related conflicts, rejection, loss or desertion of a significant figure. Social workers in the various social service departments encounter families that cope with


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